The Perfect Recipe To Make Incredible Homemade Potting Soil

Making homemade potting soil is an excellent way to save on a garden budget.

But more than just the savings, it is also the perfect way to make sure your potted plants thrive all season long!

Although there are hundreds of commercial mixes available, they can be quite expensive. And, you can never be quite sure just how good they really are.

homemade potting soil
Good quality potting soil is lightweight, but filled with nutrients.

In addition, many contain additives and fertilizers you might not want in your growing soil.

Especially if you are growing vegetables or herbs for the dinner table!

And that is exactly why creating your own incredible potting soil is the perfect solution.

The Benefits Of Making Homemade Potting Soil

You might be surprised at just how easy it is to make homemade potting soil.

And that it can be made inexpensively, and from entirely organic ingredients.

It is a great way to give you total peace of mind, no matter what you grow.

homemade potting soil
If you grow food in your potted plants – all natural soil is a must!

High-quality potting soil needs to consist of 3 main elements:

#1 Plenty of nutrients to support plant life for an entire growing season.

Unlike annuals and perennials planted in the ground, potted plants are stuck with the soil in their container.

So it is important that the soil contains enough nutrients to keep plants healthy and thriving for the entire growing season.

#2 The soil needs to be lightweight, but with good structure.

If the soil in your pots and hanging baskets is too heavy, it can cause all kinds of issues.

The soil must be light enough to keep baskets and containers from failing.

For starters, heavy soil can easily break pots and cause hanging baskets to fail.

But more importantly, heavy soils are not able to provide good drainage or the adequate nutrients potted plants need.

This is exactly why ordinary garden soil can’t be used. It is simply too dense and heavy.

#3 Good potting soil needs to be able to retain moisture, but drain well

Last but not least, good potting soil needs to be able to soak up enough water for plants to survive and thrive.

But without becoming waterlogged.

Sound contradictory? It’s not.

If potting soil is too loose, water drains through the too quickly.

homemade potting soil
Planting your own containers can save big money on the budget.

This can leave roots thirsting for more.

But if the soil holds in too much moisture, it can drown roots and damage plants.

The key is finding the perfect balance.

The Perfect Recipe For Homemade Potting Soil

Using the simple organic recipe below, you can create homemade potting soil that will power your plants beautifully all summer long.

The recipe below makes enough to fill one large container pot, or a few hanging baskets.

The ingredients can be adjusted in equal ratios to make more or less as needed.

(6 Cups) Pulverized Soil

Pulverized top soil is nothing more than finely ground garden or top soil.

homemade potting soil

It can usually be found in bulk or bags at most home and garden stores. And usually quite inexpensive to purchase.

Pulverized top soil should crumble easily when squeezed in your hand.

(6 Cups) Compost

Compost is filled with life-giving nutrients feed plants slowly. It is the perfect ingredient to help power potting soil.

Compost is extremely lightweight and absorbing at the same time. In fact, it will hold as much as 10 times its own weight in water.

When mixed in with pulverized top soil in equal amounts, it creates an incredible base of soil and humus.

Perlite (2 Cups)

Perlite is volcanic glass that is heated until it pops. And yes, it is 100% organic.

homemade potting soil

Even better, it has a perfectly neutral PH of 7.

When perlite is heated and popped, it creates a super lightweight material with open pores.

And those pores hold and retain water at a massive rate.

Perlite aids greatly in keeping a potting mix lightweight. All while providing for excellent drainage, and better water retention.

Worm Castings ( 1 Cup)

If you haven’t heard of or used worm castings before, you need to read up on them. ( See : Worm Castings- The Perfect Natural Fertilizer)

Worm castings are one of the most incredible, all-natural slow release fertilizers around.

homemade potting soil
Worm castings – one of the most amazing organic fertilizers you can use.

Just like perlite and compost, they are lightweight and absorb water. And, they help give excellent structure to the soil as well.

But even more, they contain an incredible balance of nutrients that power plants.

In addition to using them in your potting soil, they can be used throughout the season.

Simply sprinkle a few tablespoons on top of your hanging baskets and containers. They slowly release their nutrients to plants every time the plants are watered. Product Link : Worm Castings

(1 Cup ) Spent Coffee Grounds

This coffee by-product is absolutely wonderful for potted planting soil.

Coffee grounds are actually an excellent slow-release source of nitrogen for plants.

homemade potting soil
Spent coffee grounds are a great add for homemade potting soil mixes.

And their rich mineral make-up adds even more long-lasting nutrients to potting soil as well.

Who knew the remnants of a morning wake-up beverage could help plants wake-up too?

So make your own potting soil this year and save big while growing big!

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