3 Simple Tricks To Keep Your Mums Blooming Longer This Fall!

Looking for a way to keep those gorgeous mums blooming longer?

Without a doubt, mums are the go-to plant for fall decorating. They add amazing color, texture and vibrancy to autumn displays like no other plant can.

But unfortunately, their blooms just never seem to last quite long enough. Especially when you consider how expensive they can be to purchase!

how to keep mums blooming
Mums are the perfect choice for bringing big color to fall displays.

Yes, it is true that chrysanthemums will only bloom for a specific length of time. But there are a few key secrets to keep them blooming big and beautiful a bit longer during the autumn season.

And as you will see below, if you are careful of what you buy, you can also keep those mums alive through winter to use again next year.

Now that is a win-win for the pocketbook!

3 Simple Tricks To Keep Your Mums Blooming Longer This Fall

#1 Purchase Budding Mums, Not Blooming Mums

This is where it all starts when trying to get longevity out of your chrysanthemums. At the very moment of purchase.

Those big, beautiful plants in full bloom may look enticing in the store, but they are also already more than halfway through their life cycle.

And, unless you need them for an instant display today, it’s best to avoid them all together.

Look for mums that are full of buds, or are just beginning to open up. These plants are just coming into their prime, and will bloom for weeks and weeks.

One of the very best ways to keep a mum for the entire fall season is to purchase it before it is in it’s prime.

Look for plants that are full of buds, or barely beginning to open up. These mums will bloom longer, flowering for up to 45 days or more.

A far better bargain than just a week or two!

Look For Mums To Keep!

One final note on purchasing mums. When buying, look for hardy mums.

Hardy mums are mums that can handle overwintering.

Hardy mums can be planted into the landscape, providing years of fall color.

And that means not only will they give you a beautiful display this fall, they can then be re-planted into the landscape to provide years of fall blooms! (See : How To Keep Your Hardy Mums Year After Year)

#2 Keep Plants Cool And Shaded

Make no mistake, chrysanthemums thrive in full sun. But that sun and heat also speeds up the blooming cycle of the plant.

Full sun forces a mum into full-blown bloom mode. In addition, the added heat and stress of the sunlight shortens the life of the blooms that appear as well.

keep mums blooming
Mums kept in partial shade will hold onto their blooms longer.

But kept in a partially shaded location, mums keep their blooms for a much longer period of time.

Partially shaded patios, porches or under the canopy of a tree are all perfect locations for getting the most from your mum bloom time.

#3 Keep Your Plants Hydrated

Last but not least, keep those mums watered!

The quickest way to shorten a mum’s bloom period is with inconsistent watering.

watering plants

Autumn’s temperatures may be cooler, but the dry air can quickly take moisture from potted plants.

Check the soil of your plants daily with the tip of your fingertips. If the soil is dry, water well.

And when you water, water gently. The best method is to put the nozzle of your hose or watering can under the blooms.

Heavy water on the blooms can both damage the blooms and shorten their bloom cycle. When blooms become saturated with water, they can weaken and fade at a faster rate.

keep mums blooming
The quickest way to bloom failure for mums is a lack of water. Infrequent watering will quickly result in bloom and plant failure.

Some gardeners don’t water from the top at all. Instead, they opt to sit their pots in a container and water from the bottom, allowing the water to soak upward into the roots.

Self-watering containers work perfect for this chore, and keep plants watered for up to 5 days or more. Product link : Self Watering Pots

Here’s to keeping you mums blooming longer, and looking beautiful all fall long!

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