Keeping Sweat Bees Away! How To Repel Sweat Bees

Late summer is here, and that means everyone is looking for a way to repel sweat bees.

You know, those annoying, tiny little glowing-green bodied bees that seem to hover right in front of your face. Or worse, land on your arms and legs, only to pierce your skin with an occasional rousing sting!

One thing is for sure, they can certainly be quite the annoyance when trying to enjoy any outdoor activities.

repelling sweat bees
Although only the female sweat bee can sting, it can still hu

But as you will see below, sweat bees are actually quite good for Mother Nature too.

What it really boils down to is finding a way to co-exist with this valuable, yet annoying insect.

And with a bit of preparation and a few simple repelling techniques, it is extremely possible.

Sweat Bees – Nature’s Pollinating Machines

There are actually more than 1200 hundred species of sweat bees. And they all belong to the Halictidea family of bees.

The first thing to realize is that sweat bees serve a huge purpose in nature. Especially when it comes to pollination.

Sweat bees are non-discriminatory when it comes to pollinating flowers.

sweat bee pollinating

Where some bees or pollinators choose only a select few plants, sweat bees pollinate any and all flowers they come upon. In doing so, they help to keep thousands upon thousands of flowers viable and flourishing from year to year.

And it’s exactly why they are important to keeping our habitat and wildlife blooming. Especially with the current struggles of the honey bee.

So instead of spraying or trapping the sweat bees to eliminate them, it’s far better to simply find ways to repel sweat bees from the outdoor spaces you want to enjoy.

And there are actually some pretty easy ways to keep them away from your outdoor space.

How To Repel Sweat Bees

Sweat bees are attracted to salt. And there is no easier and more available source of salt than human sweat.

pollinating flowers
Sweat bees are great for pollinating all types and species of flowers.

As soon as the weather turns warm and humid, the sweat bees emerge to begin spoiling outdoor activities.

It is, after all, how sweat bees first obtained their name!

But there are a few things that work well to repel sweat bees once the “hot season” has arrived. And here are 3 of the best:

#1 Keeping The Ground Covered Around Patio And Outdoor Spaces

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to keep sweat bees away is by keeping the ground covered around where you enjoy the great outdoors.

It is the absolute best first line of defense when it comes to repelling sweat bees.

companion planting
The less bare ground, the better when it comes to keeping sweat bees from nesting near patios, porches, and outdoor living spaces.

Unlike the honeybee which lives in a colony, the sweat bee is a solitary insect. And they create their nests in bare, exposed soil.

Keeping flowerbeds full of plants, and covered in a thick coat of mulch keeps the sweat bees from nesting near patios and porches.

In addition, keeping the lawn mowed at a higher level encourages thicker grass and less open soil spaces as well. As an added benefit of course, it also creates a healthier lawn!

By keeping exposed soil away from right where you play, it forces sweat bees to find another nesting source.

And the farther away they nest, the less likely they will become a problem!

#2 Mint, Mint, And More Mint To Repel Sweat Bees!

Bees, and many insects for that matter, simply do not like the smell of mint. And by using it in a variety of ways, you can keep sweat bees far away.

Mint, especially peppermint, is a great deterrent against many pests.

Growing Mint Pots – Grow pots of mint on porches, patios and outdoor spaces to help create a natural barrier.

You can even place small pots on tables to help repel sweat bees when dining outdoors. Peppermint is one of the best, but spearmint is a great second choice as well.

Mint Rub – Crush a few mint leaves and rub on the exposed areas of your skin. Not only will you smell “minty-fresh”, the sweat bees will stay away.

Mint Oils / Sprays – There all types of natural mint and oil sprays available that can help repel sweat bees as well. See : Peppermint Essential Oil Spray

essential mint oil
Spraying mint oil repellents, or using a diffuser to scent an area with mint can help drive sweat bees away.

Many can be used as a all-natural deterrent spray for exposed skin, while others can be sprayed on surfaces, or in the air via a mister or diffuser.

There are actually a wide variety of herbs that when grown nearby, can help to repel mosquitoes, flies and more : See : How To Repel Insects With Herbs

#3 Fans / Air Movement

And finally, one of the best ways to repel sweat bees is with good air circulation.

As mentioned earlier, the Halictidea family of bees are highly attracted to humidity, sweat and salt.

repel sweat bees
Outdoor or porch fans are a great line of defense against sweat bees.

By providing good air flow and a breeze, all 3 of the above are reduced greatly.

Simply having a few fans running, it can greatly reduce the number of sweat bees that congregate in the area.

Here’s to controlling the sweat bees in your outdoor activity spaces this summer!

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