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Stopping Stink Bugs – How To Keep Stink Bugs Out!

Is it even possible to stop stink bugs? Great question, right?!

It seems that every single year, it gets harder to prevent the invasion of stink bugs. Especially when it comes to keeping them out of the house.

The stink bug, or the brown marmorated stink bug as it is officially known, has become quite the invasive pest. And it has done so in a relatively short period of time.

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The first known appearance was just some 20 short years ago, in 2001 near Allentown, Pennsylvania.

It was thought to have come across the ocean from either Japan or China, most likely in a shipping crate.

And ever since, this shield-wearing insect has multiplied to near epidemic population levels across much of the United States.

The Low Down On Stink Bugs

Although two recent frigid winters have helped to somewhat reduce their population, stink bugs are poised to continue driving homeowners crazy.

They have an uncanny ability to find their way indoors to stay warm and alive through the cold winter months. And because of it, it can sometimes seem like an impossible task to stop stink bugs from getting indoors.

apple trees
Although they do not bite or sting, the stink bug has been known to damage apples on fruit trees.

Contrary to popular belief, stink bugs cannot bite or sting. Nor do they cause damage to structures.

However, they have been known to damage fruit on apple trees. And, there is rising concern that they could begin to damage other crops as well.

How To Stop Stink Bugs, And Keep Them Out Of The House

Natural Predators

The bad new is there are very few natural predators when it comes to controlling stink bug populations.

Spiders, certain species of lady bugs, and even other predatory stink bugs will feed on stink bugs.

keeping stink bugs out
Spiders are actually one insect that are known to feed on stink bugs.

However, it is simply not known how effective this can be for long term control. And, it is not likely many homeowners want to release an army of spiders in their home to combat the problem!

The Real Key To Stopping Stink Bugs – Prevention!

So what is the key to control? It all begins and ends with prevention.

Believe it or not, in climates with cold winters, the best defense in keeping stink bug populations under control is to keep them outside.

If unable to find warmer protection, most will not make it through the winter.

Start With Doors & Windows

Sealing doors and windows with fresh caulking not only helps with winter bills, but in stopping stink bugs too.

Stink bugs easily pass through small cracks around windows and doors. Seal both inside and outside around these areas, using a high quality, water and weather-proof silicon caulk. See : Gorilla Brand Clear All-Weather Silicone Caulk

stopping stink bugs with caulking
Seal windows inside and out to prevent stink bugs from entering the home.

When sealing, be sure to check that all trim work is solid, sealed and secure as well. If given the opportunity, stink bugs will crawl into the voids behind trim for winter warmth.

Seal Door Thresholds & Seals To Stop Stink Bugs

Another easy entry access point for stink bugs are door thresholds and seals.

Replace all old and worn seals. Not only will it help with eliminating stink bugs and other insects, it also is a big help in keeping energy bills down.

Like windows, seal the the thresholds tightly with silicone to close off any open areas.

garage door seals
Garage and entry door seals should be checked and replaced if worn.

One final area to check is the seals on your garage doors. Garages are an easy place for stink bugs to hang out from the extreme cold.

If seals on the bottom of the doors are worn or torn off, replace them.

Additional Entry Points Around The House

Last but not least, take a walk around your home to find additional access points.

The holes drilled for air conditioning lines, electric and cable lines should all be checked and sealed.

And be sure to screen off vents as well. These are easy spaces for stink bugs to find and enter the home.

Here is to stopping stink bugs from finding a way into your home this winter!

For more on controlling pests around the home, check out our Pest Control Tab on the website.

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