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A Garden To Feed A Family – The Feick Garden

This week’s Featured Garden comes to us from the Chris Feick family located in St. Mary’s, West Virginia. When Chris submitted his garden to be featured, we fell in love with the story and the garden immediately!

I think Chris and his family represent what so many across the world want to do – grow their own food and become more responsible for what they bring to their dinner table. And wow, have they accomplished that! I think even better, letting their kids grow up in the garden sets the stage for the next generation.

This photo and those smiles say it all! The Feick family picking some tomatoes from their garden!

There is something so special about raising your own food. Anyone who has taken up gardening and gets the bug knows exactly what we are talking about. As we looked through Chris’s photos, we couldn’t help but be impressed by what he accomplished and grown in just 7 years of gardening. I have a feeling all of you will love it too.

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Now lets take a look at the Feick Garden, courtesy of Chris.

A Garden To Feed A Family – The Feick Garden

From Chris Feick:

I started gardening about 7 years ago because I wanted to provide better food for my family by knowing exactly how the food was raised. We are as organic as possible, and we use no chemicals or pesticides. My children regularly go out to the garden while they are playing outside and pick food right off the plants to eat. It’s nice to not have to worry about what might be on that food. I feel good about what I am able to provide for my family to eat.

I am also now the third generation of my family to raise a garden on this piece of property. That was another important reason why I started my own garden.

I have two garden plots in my backyard. One is 30′ x 60′ and is for my vegetables. The other is 20′ x 40′ and is for my perennials like strawberries, blueberries and asparagus.

feick garden

Growing vertical in the garden

I also have grape vines and fruit trees on my property. My wife and I also make our own maple syrup from about 20 maple trees in my yard.

Last year we made around 6-8 quarts of maple syrup. That may not be a lot compared to the other stuff we can, but it’s enough for us and it works to meet our goal of producing enough to last until the following harvest.

Plus, on top of getting to eat the wonderful maple syrup, it also gives me a way to burn off some of the cabin fever I’m starting to get around January and February.

One interesting thing that I try to do is  grow “vertically” as much as possible. I build a lot of trellises for my beans, tomatoes and even watermelon. I grow my cucumbers on my garden fence. This spring, I’m going to try the potato crate method I found on Old World Garden Farms. The tomatoes love the trellises. I’ve had tomato plants over 8 feet tall on them!


One of our main goals for our garden is to preserve as much food from it as possible, relying less and less on purchased produce. My wife is an avid canner and we have a nice pantry stocked with various things from the gardens.

We started out by attempting to can enough green beans and tomatoes to last us the entire year until the next harvest. We have been able to accomplish that. I grow three 25 foot rows of pole beans and around 25 tomato plants each year, and most of that goes into cans. We haven’t bought fresh or canned green beans from a store in several years.

Feick Garden

The strawberry beds of the Feick Garden

Once that goal was met, we started branching out to other types of produce and varieties of canned goods. Two years ago, my mother gave me 5 garlic bulbs from her garden. I planted all 5 of them that fall, and took the entire harvest from that year and replanted it all last year. That harvest was 72 bulbs of garlic and so far, we are still using them.

I planted enough garlic this past fall to give us 96 bulbs for next year. Also last fall, I started a handful of potato (multiplier) onions and I intend to do them the same as the garlic until I get enough to eat over the winter and replant.


My wife has begun to expand her canned goods from our original staples. Now she makes strawberry, mulberry and cherry jams and she cans applesauce from our trees (when the squirrels leave us any).

feick garden

Look at those stocked, home-grown shelves of food!

Thanks to her efforts our pantry is well stocked with cans of tomato sauce, tomato soup, salsa, cowboy candy (candied jalapeno), jalapeno and banana peppers, pickles, hot pepper mustard and jelly, hot pepper marinade, zucchini relish, homemade ketchup and strawberry pie filling.

All of this comes from fruit trees, berry bushes and the vegetable garden on our property. Over the years, my wife and I developed a good working arrangement for the gardening: I don’t ask her to pull any weeds and she doesn’t ask my help with the canning. I grow the food and she preserves it. 🙂

In addition to the food we grow for our pantry, I also grow plenty of food just to eat because I like it. There’s nothing else like sweet corn fresh from the garden. I grow lots of zucchini and squash every year. We have blueberry and cherry bushes. My kids get excited every spring when the first asparagus stems pop up from the ground (how many 8 and 6 year olds do you know that love asparagus).

My garden has become my favorite place to be on my property. My wife jokes that it’s my happy place. I love how involved the kids are in starting the seeds and placing the young plants in the garden.

It’s so much fun to watch those plants together as they grow taller and taller, begin to form flowers, and when the first fruits or vegetables start to appear. All summer long we visit the garden and pull off fresh food to eat.

Just being there in the middle of all the green and growing plants relaxes the stress of the day away.

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Thank you so much Chris for sharing your garden with us! I think all of our readers will agree that you and your family represent what so many people want to do!  What a great garden!

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Feick Garden Photos

The Garden In Early Spering

feick garden

Growing vertical in the garden

Maple syrup taps and of course,maple syrup!

feick garden

The garden with a fall cover crop in place

Feick Garden

Green Beans

Harvesting Beans

Canned Jalapeno!

feick garden

What a photo!