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About Us

We are so glad you have found This Is My Garden and welcome you to our website that celebrates all things gardening!

We are Jim and Mary Competti, and with over 20 years of hands on growing experience on our farms, we created This Is My Garden to be able to share our passion of how to fill your landscape with plants, beauty and life!

Jim & Mary Competti

This Is My Garden is dedicated to helping gardeners of all walks of life find the fun and joy in gardening. From annual and perennial flowers, shrubs, bushes and trees – to vegetable gardening, herb gardening and more, our website is filled with practical, proven advice to help a wide range of gardeners – from those just starting on their gardening journey to experienced plant lovers the whole world over.

About Jim & Mary

Jim and Mary are published authors of two books, Growing Simple, chronicling the story of building their first farm – and Raised Row Gardening, a complete how-to step by step full color book on how to create the ideal low-maintenance, no-till garden.

The couple resides on their 46 acre farm in Quaker City in East-Central Ohio. In addition to publishing their books and writing for their home and garden websites, they have turned their farm into a destination space to share their love of gardening with others – including summer garden tours, garden events, overnight cabin rentals and event space rentals.

You can reach Jim and Mary via email at: – For more about the farm, visit