Fruit Trees & Bushes

How To Plant Fruit Trees

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Although you can plant fruit trees into your landscape at any point of the growing season – fall is really the best time to plant. The advantages to planting your trees in the fall are many. [caption id="attachment_3093" align="aligncenter" width="300"] There is nothing better than picking your own apples![/caption] For one, the cooler temperatures are…
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3 Excellent Shade Trees For Your Home Landscape. Faster Growing, And Strong!

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Nothing quite completes a home beautiful home landscape like a few properly placed shade trees. Shade trees are an excellent way to add lasting color and texture to your home. In addition, they provide much-needed protection from the scorching hot rays of the sun. A well placed tree or set of trees can keep a house, patio…
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Dogwood Trees – Top Tips For Planting And Maintaining!

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Nothing quite says Spring is here like dogwood trees blooming! [caption id="attachment_2248" align="alignright" width="400"] The beautiful blooms of the dogwood tree.[/caption] Dogwood trees are well-known and revered for their beautiful pink, white or reddish blooms in early to mid-spring. The blooms can last for up to 3 or 4 weeks, signaling the start of the…
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4 Big Keys To Planting Trees Successfully This Fall!

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There is simply no better time to plant trees than in the cool, crisp air of autumn. Whether dealing with fruit, nut, shade or ornamental trees, fall planting gives a tree's root structure time to gently acclimate to the soil before going dormant for the winter. [caption id="attachment_3034" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Amending the soil with compost…
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How To Prune Fruit Trees In The Winter – 4 Simple Steps To Success

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Wintertime is the ideal time to prune fruit trees.  Although fruit trees can be pruned in the spring and summer as well, wintertime is actually the perfect time. In winter, trees are in a stage of dormancy. During this time, there is little to zero stress when trees are cut back. And to boot, without…
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How To Plant Fruit Trees – And Why Fall Is The Best Time To Plant!

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When it comes to planting fruit trees, there is no better time than fall for putting them in the ground! Although fruit trees can be planted at any point throughout a growing season, autumn provides numerous advantages versus spring and summer. Why Fall Is The Time To Plant Fruit Trees A fall planting allows just…
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Planting Dwarf Pear Trees – 3 Great Trees To Fit Almost Any Landscape!

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Planting a few dwarf pear trees is a great way to add perennial fruit to your landscape. Especially when space is a big concern! Pears are one of the easiest and hardiest of fruit tree to plant. And one of the most productive. But for many fruit trees, it can sometimes be tough finding enough…
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