A Gorgeous New York Home Garden – Complete With A Zen Garden!

Today’s garden tour comes to us from Cindy, who resides in central New York.

Cindy is a self-described gardening addict, and as you will see below, has created an absolute oasis at her home, including her very own Zen Garden.

zen garden
Cindy created a personal Zen garden from  a rocky area in her landscape.

Cindy’s creation of her personal Zen garden is a great example of working with the existing landscape and features, and not against it.

Faced with large rocks and boulders she uncovered in her yard, she decided to keep them in place and work them into her plan. And the results are spectacular!

As always, there is a full slate of photographs from Cindy’s garden and property at the end of the article. It is incredible to see how much she has accomplished in the space surrounding her home.

We continue to be amazed at how many people are joining and sending in photos and short stories of their garden. It just goes to show you that gardeners love to share! And that is what makes this website so special – gardeners sharing their own passions with other gardeners!

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Now lets take a look at Cindy’s gorgeous property and Zen Garden.

Creating A Personal Zen Garden In The Middle Of New York

Location : Central New York

Growing Zone : 5

Hello from central New York!

zen garden
What a beautiful water feature. Now that will calm anyone!

My name is Cindy and I am a gardening addict.

I can’t seem to stop gardening. I moved into my current home 6 years ago and immediately began painting the landscape with color.

I have transformed our once garden-less property into three acres of vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and a zen meditation garden that features a huge boulder that I practice yoga on.

My sweet husband accepts that I have a gardening issue, but still shudders when I look at an empty spot and say “I have an idea…”

One spring day when I was clearing a large brush pile, I discovered an amazing group of boulders under the brush.

These boulders were perfect accents for my flower garden, but too heavy for me to move to my garden, so I made a garden around the boulders.

I built a terraced rock retaining wall and a dry creek bed from other smaller rocks that I could move.

I transplanted ajuga, day lillies, and echinacea from another garden into this new garden which enabled me to install this complete garden for free! But to me, this garden is priceless.

zen garden
What a wonderful backyard view…

It has become my Zen Garden where I can meditate and practice yoga on the boulders. It is a peaceful place that I often share with my pets.

Our three acres also host other gardens that include fruit tees, herbs, flowers, and 2 organic vegetable gardens. My addiction will be in full swing soon as we inch closer and closer to spring.

Stay tuned for my next gardening adventure. Don’t tell my husband that I have a new gardening idea…

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zen garden
zen garden

zen garden
Love the curious cat
A dry creek bed full of color

You can tell the animals love the space too!

5 thoughts on “A Gorgeous New York Home Garden – Complete With A Zen Garden!

  1. Dear Cindy,
    I just recently found your posting in the Old World Gardens under your sharing. I really like your flower gardens very much. You have been blessed with many trees and rocks. Could you pleased tell me what the purple plants are around your dry bed creek? I would like to try that where I live. They look so tranquil and pretty and seem to instill a vision of tranquility and peace even if there is no water. Thankyou for your knowledge and beautiful pictures of your home. Soooo soft and quiet with a touch of strength.

    1. Hi Marlene,
      Thank you for your kind words!
      The colorful ground cover plants are called ajuga or bugleweed. It is a fast-growing ground cover that has 6 inch spikes of deep purple, long lasting flowers. I love how the foliage provides color to the garden almost year round-even in central New York. The picture shows how much it spread in only 6 months! It can be a bit invasive but it has a very shallow root system which makes it easy to weed out if it spreads too much. . Ajuga plants bloom from spring to mid-summer.
      Hope this helps!
      Happy Gardening!

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