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Cheryl’s Garden – A Gorgeous Mix of Flowers, Vegetables and Containers

There are so many ways to enjoy gardening, whether it be with raised beds, potted plants, hanging baskets, or wide open flower beds. And when it comes to Cheryl Kagey’s landscape, she uses a combination of all of them! The result? A gorgeous display of color and beauty outside of her Alexandria, Ohio home.

cheryl's garden

Just one of the beautiful plantings from Cheryl’s garden.

Cheryl’s garden story below is another example of how so many of us grew to appreciate and love gardening.

It started with parents who gardened and canned. Along of course with a few distant not so fun childhood memories of the chores that came along with it!

But in the end, as with so many of us – the seeds of gardening were planted. And now, Cheryl loves to create and grow, just like her parents did.

As always, there is a full slate of photographs from Cheryl’s garden and property at the end of the article.

It is great to see so many people sending in photos and short stories of their garden. It really is what makes this website so special – gardeners sharing their own little slice of heaven with other gardeners!

Be sure to check at the end of the article to see how you can submit your garden to be featured. Now let’s take a look at this week’s featured garden.

Cheryl’s Garden

Location : Alexandria, Ohio
Growing Zone : 6

I am an amateur gardener, and love to plant flowers, vegetables in raised beds and lots of tomatoes.  I spent many hours as a child weeding my father’s garden and did not want anything to do with gardening for years.  But I am retired now, and I cannot think of much that brings me more satisfaction.  I am 62 years old and live outside of Alexandria Ohio.

Cheryl's garden

A priceless picture of Cheryl’s father working in his garden!

My father was an avid gardener, he loved to garden and had a large plot. I spent many hours weeding and hoeing between rows of corn, potatoes, beans, strawberries, etc.

We had a large family of 7 children, so my mother canned and froze much of our bounty.  My father was a generous man, and happily shared his produce with all who happened by.

After spending many hot summers working in the garden, I did not have an interest for many years.

After retiring, I found that I also loved planting flowers and vegetables and then sharing my produce with family and friends.  Actually, it’s quite surprising, as I thought I hated gardening.

Although I do not have nearly as much space to garden as my father and have far more flowers, I clearly understand now why he loved it so much.

I use raised beds for some of my vegetables, and plant 8 to 10 tomatoes behind the garage each year.  Each spring, I spend time visiting nurseries and often take pictures so that I can attempt to duplicate the beautiful hanging baskets.

Now I find myself planting flowers that my mother loved, such as pansies and morning glories.  I am a novice gardener and have much to learn, but I get hours of enjoyment from my gardens and feel a renewed sense of closeness to my father that is extremely satisfying as well.

Share Your Garden With The World…

We can’t thank Cheryl enough for sharing her garden and landscape with us. Although she describes herself as an “amateur” gardener, it’s easy to she has developed quite a lot of skill when it comes to making her property come to life with a beautiful planting mix of flowers, vegetables and potted plants!

Now it’s time to share your garden! We want to showcase gardens of all sizes and shapes. So no matter what you grow, how you grow it or where you grow it – send in your photos and short gardening story to This Is My Garden – and share it with the world.

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Cheryl’s Garden Photos

cheryl's garden

Just one of the different ways Cheryl adds color and interest to her landscape and home.

cheryl's gardening

Talk about a beautiful driveway planting!

cheryl's garden

Love the way this collection of potted plants and hanging baskets adds a burst of color to the view

Now that is a lot of garden produce!

The raised beds in Cheryl’s yard

Just a burst of color in every direction!

A stunning planter