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4 Great Flowering Shrubs and Bushes For Incredible Curb Appeal!

Although annual and perennial flowers add a tremendous amount of color and beauty to your yard, the inclusion of a few gorgeous flowering shrubs and bushes can have a major impact on curb appeal. Better yet, once established, these low-maintenance beauties take little care, and are much more drought tolerant than annual or perennial plantings.

Flowering shrubs and bushes are also a cost-effective way to fill nearly any size void in the landscape. Depending on the species and variety chosen, flowering shrubs and bushes can grow in spaces ranging from as small as a patio pot, to a large open area covering 10′ feet across and 10′ high!

Here are 4 top favorite flowering shrubs and bushes that can fill your flowerbeds and landscape with long-term beauty! We included product links as well. Feel free to add your favorite shrubs and bushes to the comments section below for others to see.

#1 Viburnum

Hardiness : Zones 2 through 9, depending on variety

flowering shrubs

Viburnum blooms

This hardy flowering and fragrant species is a perfect addition the home landscape

With well over 100+ types, there is nearly a viburnum shrub or tree for every need. There are species that can handle shade, sun, colder climates, warmer climates, and every thing in between. They are also highly resistant to pests and extremely drought tolerant.

Most varieties will bloom from late spring to early June, showcasing shades of pink and white in clusters that are both gorgeous and fragrant. The leaf canopy is just as beautiful, providing all arrays of green before turning into spectacular fall colors on the branches. Most Vibernum also fruit if there are pollinators, and the fruit is gobbled up by birds and other wildlife.   Eastern Snowball Bush,   Korean Spice

#2  Weigela

Hardiness : Zones 4 through 8/9 depending on variety.

flowering shrubs

The trumpet-like blooms of Weigela

Weigela is a great choice for those looking to add a low maintenance pop of color and texture to their landscape. Depending on the variety chosen, leaf colors range from a deep purple /dark red wine color, to a lighter variegated green and white. They are an excellent choice to fill a large, open, sunny space.

Most varieties bloom best in the spring, with gorgeous tiny pinkish to red trumpet flowers. Some will bloom again in mid summer to late fall with a second smaller flowering. Larger varieties can grow to a mature height of 5 to 6′ around and tall. There are also dwarf varieties that can be kept in the 1 to 2′ range. All can be pruned back easily to keep under control.

Weigela originally hails from Asia, but has become an extremely popular planting here in the U.S. They prefer partial to full sun, and are extremely low-maintenance once established, requiring basic watering until established.    Pink Sonic Bloom Weigela

#3 Hydrangea

Hardiness : Zones 6 through 10 depending on variety

Hydrangea have become a huge hit in the landscape again, and with good reason! They are easy to grow, and work well in most soil types (although they do prefer a slightly acidic soil). Better yet, they produce gorgeous blooms from mid-summer through fall!

flowering shrubs


Anyone who has ever witnessed a Hydrangea in full bloom knows how beautiful they can be. Their huge flower heads can range in a full array of vibrant colors. From pinks to whites, to all shades of blue, lavender, and rose – they can be a conversation piece all by themselves. They work well when grown as a hedge, a mass planting, or simply as an accent all by themselves. Some dwarf varieties can even be planted in pots and containers.

Incrediball Smooth Hydrangea,   CityLine Rio


#4 Crape Myrtles

Hardiness : Zones 6 through 10 depending on variety

Crape Myrtles have seen a huge resurgence in the last few years. They truly are a beautiful addition to the landscape!

Crape Myrtle blooms all season from the spring until the late fall, and sets off the dark green foliage beautifully. They are also a great attractor of bees and provide a natural bird habitat.

flowering shrubs

The beautiful blooms of crape mrytles

When it comes to shape and sizes, Crape Myrtles come in almost every choice, from smaller dwarf shrub style plants, to large, tree-style varieties. The important part is to know the space you have, and to choose the right variety to make it work.

Crape myrtle prefer to be planted in full sun, so they are an excellent choice for those wide open areas that take a beating. They actually love more humid climates, and are very drought tolerant once established. They will do best when planted in well-drained soil.   Tonto Crape Myrtle

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