3 Evergreen Shrubs That Give Gorgeous Year Round Color To Your Landscape

Evergreen shrubs are a great way to keep color and texture in your landscape the whole year through! Just look at the Mountain Laurel above in full bloom, and you can see shrubs add serious pizzaz.

In the spring, summer and fall, bringing color to your landscape is as easy as adding a few annuals, hanging baskets, or flowering perennials.

But in the cold, grey, long days of winter, it’s nice to have a little green in an otherwise barren landscape. And that is where evergreen shrubs come shining through.

Evergreens, unlike deciduous trees and shrubs, keep their foliage all year-long.

Planting them in your landscape helps more than adding a splash of color and texture. It also provides excellent cover, protection and in some cased food for many birds and wildlife.

Here are 3 excellent choices for evergreen shrubs to add year round color to your landscape!

3 Great Evergreen Shrubs For Year Round Color


There are more than 350+ varieties of boxwoods to choose from, with foliage ranging in all sizes and shapes.

evergreen shrubs
Boxwoods can be shaped easily to nearly any form desired

Boxwoods are extremely easy to keep pruned, and make excellent choices for hedges along walkways and fences.

Their leaves can range from waxy dark greens, to variegated shades of light green and white. They hold their shape beautifully, and are top choices for topiary artists.

In the home landscape, they are an excellent choice for those looking for a low maintenance, easy care evergreen.

Among top choice are American, Winter Gem and Dwarf varieties that can even be placed in containers.


Holly comes in both deciduous or evergreen species, so if you are looking for year round color, be sure to choose an evergreen style.

They can be kept pruned as shrubs, or be left to grow into larger “tree-style” plants in the landscape.

Their dark green and spikey leaves really make a statement in the cold, dreary winter landscape.

Holly comes in both male and female plants, and you will need to have one of each planted if you want to enjoy the crimson berries that come in late fall.

In addition to their beauty, they are an excellent food source for winter wildlife.

evergreen shrubs
The beautiful berries of the holly bush

The Winterberry is one of the most popular varieties of Holly. It has beautiful foliage that stands up through the cold months, and it can be grown in nearly any climate.

Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel is an excellent evergreen shrub for those looking to grow in the shade. They can do amazingly well in even heavily shaded areas, but can also take areas of sun as well.

Mountain laurel plants will thrive in zones 5 through 9, and mature to about 6 to 8′ high and wide when left unpruned.

The plant can add a texture to your landscape for a multitude of reason. The dark green glossy foliage is beautiful the whole year round.

And the bark tends to become twisted and gnarled, adding an extra layer of visual interest. If that wasn’t enough, Mountain Laurels also produce a gorgeous 1″ style cup flower in the early months of May and June that are simply stunning.

They make an excellent choice for year round color to any landscape!

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