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3 Gorgeous, Easy Care Roses To Grow In Your Landscape

The simple joy of growing easy care roses!

It used to be you needed a proverbial “green thumb” to even think about growing roses. Classic rose bushes, although beautiful, could be a nightmare to grow when it came to controlling pests and disease. Black spot, powdery mildew, brown canker, blight, and a host of other ailments could turn the prettiest rose into an ugly mess.

But that simply isn’t the case anymore with the emergence of easy care roses. Each year, more and more low maintenance, easy care roses are hitting the market. And with stunning beauty! Many are now highly disease and pest-resistant, as well as hardier to both cooler and warmer climates.

They have allowed gardeners of all skill levels to add the classic look of roses to their home landscape. All without the constant worry of endless care and maintenance.

Here is a look at 3 incredible varieties of easy care roses that can add vibrant color to your landscape.

3 Easy Care Roses To Grow In Your Landscape

Chihuly Rose Bush

easy care roses

The Chihuly Rose

This wonderful floribunda rose has soft orange blooms with a hint of yellow streaking through. They are simply stunning as cut flowers. This rose is also the perfect choice for attracting honey bees to your yard.

The foliage of the Chihuly is dark-green and is highly disease resistant. This is another rose that has the ability to adapt to a wide range of growing zones – from 4 through 9. It requires full sun to perform best. It is perfect for mass plantings, or when used as a hedge. It can also make the perfect focal plant when used as a single planting around ornamental grasses.

Growing Zones 4 through 9
Mature Height : 3.5 feet tall, 3.5 Feet Wide:
Full sun to partial shade

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Sunrise Sunset

easy care roses

The Sunrise Sunset Rose

As its name implies, this low-maintenance shrub rose will provide classic rose beauty from sun-up to sun-down. It is one of the easiest to care for as well, and is highly disease resistant. Adding to its allure, it grows well in both cool and warm areas, from zones 4 through 9.

Sunrise Sunset has gorgeous fuchsia and pink petals, with amber centers. The dark green leaves add their own touch of beauty as a backdrop to the bright blooms. It spreads well, and can provide a large amount of ground cover with a single planting, or when used in multiple plantings.

Growing Zones 4 through 9
Mature Height : 3 to 5 feet tall, 4 to 6  Feet Wide
Full sun to partial shade

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Knock Out Roses

The Granddaddy of all low maintenance, easy care roses! The Knockout Rose bush is highly disease-resistant and easy to grow.  Available in a host of colors, most will bloom all season long without the worries associated with traditional classic rose bushes.

They simply don’t require special care or attention, and can be planted individually, in mass plantings, or with annuals and perennials in mixed beds and borders. They do best in full sun.

easy care roses

The Knock Out Rose

To get the most from your knockout roses, you can simply cut back every year in the spring after the last threat of a freeze or frost.

Growing Zones: 5 through 11
Mature Height : 3 feet tall, 3 Feet Wide
Full sun

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