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4 Ornamental Grass Varieties To Add Low Maintenance Style To Your Yard

Looking for some great ornamental grass varieties for your yard? Ornamental grasses are an excellent way to add low-maintenance texture, color and interest to your landscape.

ornamental grass varieties

Liriope, often referred to as Lilly turf, is one of the best ornamental grass varieties for using on the borders of flowerbeds.

They can grow in a wide variety of sizes, from small border plants, to soaring colossal giants. They can be perfect as accent or border plants, in mass plantings, or as the focal point of a flowerbed.

Making them even more attractive, they are extremely low-maintenance perennial plants in a large majority of growing zones

Ornamental grasses require little care, and can thrive in less than ideal soil. They are also both drought and heat tolerant.

As for care, nothing more than a yearly cut back and occasional dividing every few seasons are needed to keep plants in ideal growing condition.  See :  When and How To Care For Ornamental Grasses

Here is a look at 4 great varieties that will bring color, texture and interest to your landscape.

4 Great Ornamental Grass Varieties

Karl Foerster Feather Grass

Karl Foerster Feather Grass is an excellent addition to any home landscape, especially ones with poor soil. It is an upright grower, making it perfect for mass plantings that add big interest. Long, feathery shoots grow upright from the green grass switches in early fall and add instant beauty.

Growing Zone – 6 to 9

ornamental grass varieties

When it comes to ornamental grass varieties, Karl Foerster is perfect upright selection for mass plantings

Height – 3 to 4′ tall at maturity    Product Link :  Feather Grass

Fountain Grass

Fountain grass is one of the most popular selections among homeowners. It can thrive in the harshest of conditions, making it perfect for more arid and dry locations.

Fountain grass will mound as it grows, with beautiful feathery plumes shooting up in late fall. It is perfect in both solitary and mass plantings.

Growing Zone – 5 to 9
Height – 4 to 6′ tall at maturity    Product Link :  Fountain Grass

Liriope – (Lilly Turf)

This is one incredible border and accent plant! Liriope grows low and slow, and is another highly drought and heat-resistant plant. It can be divided easily into multiple plants after just a growing season or two, making it extremely economical.

Liriope comes in many varieties, from variegated, to all types of solid foliage. Each fall brings a full bloom of small purple blooms that light up the landscape.

Growing Zone – 5 to 10
Height – 6 to 12″ tall at maturity    Product Link :  Liriope


ornamental grass varieties

The beauty of fountain grass.

Have a low-lying wet area? Or perhaps a pond that needs some edge plantings? Then Cordgrass is an excellent choice. Cordgrass tolerates moist or wet soil very well, and is perfect near or around ponds.

It is a prairie grass that is hardy in zones 4 through 6. It can reach heights of 6 feet or more.

Growing Zone – 4 to 7
Height – 5 to 6′ tall at maturity

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