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Growing Sweet Peppers – 3 Great Varieties For The Garden or Patio

When it comes to growing sweet peppers, the choices now available are simply astonishing!

It used to be that most home gardeners were limited to planting and harvesting the traditional sweet varieties of red, yellow or orange bell peppers. It was simply all you could find to plant. But those days are long gone!

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With the resurgence of many old-time heirloom peppers, along with new hybrids hitting the market every year, the selection of sweet peppers available today is mind boggling! Even better, there are selections for almost any garden style – from traditional backyard gardens, to patio planters, containers, hanging baskets and more.

No matter how you will be growing sweet peppers, the keys to success are the same. Peppers need well-drained, fertile soil, and plenty of regular water to reach their full potential.

They also need to be picked as they ripen. Pepper plants will stop producing new flowers if a plant is too loaded with existing fruit. So to keep those peppers coming on, keep picking!

With that said, here are 3 great sweet pepper selections to grow this year!

Growing Sweet Peppers – 3 Great Varieties To Grow

Sweet Carmen Italian Pepper

This is an absolute winner when it comes to sweet peppers!  Perfect for grilling, cooking, or simply slicing and enjoying!

The sweet Italian Carmen bears peppers that are 6″ long and 2″ to 3″ in diameter. They grow best in a traditional garden setting, but can be planted in larger containers as well.

Their flavor is simply pure heaven! Seed Link: Carmen Sweet Italian Seeds

The Lunchbox Pepper

growing sweet peppers
The Sweet Carmen Italian Pepper

When it comes to growing sweet peppers in any setting, the Lunchbox is an outstanding choice. It’s smaller, compact nature is perfect for planting in a container, on the patio in pots, or right in the garden.

Lunchbox pepper plants grow 18 to 24″ high, and provide plenty of juicy 1 to 1.5″ long red, yellow, and orange sweet peppers. They have a small seed core, and a big crunch, making them perfect for snacking. They are also delicious in everything from salads to omelets.

The lunchbox variety is a heavy producer, and performs best when a little support is given in the form of a small stake or trellis. Seed Link : Lunchbox Pepper

Mini Bell Blend

growing sweet peppers
Red mini bell peppers ready for picking

If you love the taste of big, sweet bell peppers, then you will surely adore the mini bells. The aptly named mini bell sweet peppers are a miniature version of the traditional sweet bell pepper

Much like the Lunchbox variety, they are perfect for snacking. Their stout shape however also lends itself well for stuffing with your favorite filling for an excellent appetizer. Plants grow to about 24″ in height and are filled with peppers ranging from red, chocolate, purple, orange or red. Each plant will grow one color of pepper, so be sure to plant several seeds to get a good selection of colored peppers.

They are perfect in the garden, in pots, or in containers too.  Seed Link : Mini-Bell Sweet Peppers Seed

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