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Growing Hosta Plants – The Ultimate Shade Loving Perennial!

When it comes to finding perfect perennials for shady portions of the landscape, it’s hard to beat Hosta plants!

hosta plants

The greenish-yellow tint of a wide brim variegated Hosta

The Hosta, or Plantain Lilly as it is officially known, prefers shade over sun. In fact, most varieties of Hosta plants perform best with just a few hours of morning or evening sun.

Making them even more dazzling, they are available in a massive array of greens, blues and yellowish hues. And, many variegated varieties add in a splash of white striping as well. It all adds up to some interesting and eye-catching leafy foliage.

Hosta plants, and their big canopy of leaves, spread out over large areas. It makes them a perfect choice for filling in planting areas under trees, or in large bed spaces that get little sun.

Hosta plants are easy to care for, and easy to divide and transplant. They are a great way to add color and foliage to the landscape at little cost. Plants can be divided simply by splitting and replanting in early spring or late fall.

Here is a look at three great varieties to try in your landscape.

3 Great Hosta Plants To Try In Your Landscape

Wide Brim Variegated Hosta –  The wide brim Hosta is a medium-growth variety that will mature to about 18″ tall and 24 to 30″ in diameter. The colors can vary a bit based on the soil, but in general the wide brim will have a medium green tint with white or yellowish edges. The foliage tends to curl a bit on this variety, creating added texture. It grows well in zones 3 through 8.  Product Link : Wide Brim Hosta Plants

growing hosta plants

A Blue Mouse Ear Hosta Plant.

Big Blue – The Big Blue is a massive-sized Hosta variety with large, thick, blue-green leaves. In mid-summer, long stems shoot from the foliage to reveal tiny clusters of pale flowers. Big Blue can grow to 36″ to 48″ in diameter.

It’s beautiful foliage can reach upwards to 2 feet off the ground. It is a perfect solution for those looking to cover large areas of bed space in shady locations. They also make for a wonderful conversation piece. Big Blue is hardy in zones 3 through 9.  Product Link : Big Blue Hosta

Blue Hosta Mouse Ears –  This variety is much smaller in scale than most traditional Hosta plants. The foliage is silvery blue  and reaches only about 8″ high. It is wonderful as a border edge, or planted in large clusters to form a focal point. It can also be planted in containers as well. The Blue Hosta Mouse Ear is hardy in zones 3 through 9.  Product Link : Blue Mouse Ears

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