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Predicting Winter – Myths And Folklore To Tell What’s In Store!

There is simply no shortage of folklore when it comes to predicting winter.

For as long as humans have roamed the earth, they have been passing down stories, myths and legends about how to tell how much snow will fall, or how cold the temperatures will plummet this coming winter.

Some involve animals, while others involve plants or acts of nature.

But one thing is for sure. Whether they hold any truth or scientific backing at all, they are certainly entertaining to hear about.

We thought it might be a little fun today to take a look at some of our favorites.

Feel free to let us know in the comments if you have any winter predicting stories as well. We hope you enjoy!

Predicting Winter – Great Myths, Sayings and Legends

Wooly (Bear) Worms

predicting winter

As the legend goes, the more black on the wooly worm, the harsher the winter.

Probably one of the most well-known of the winter predicting legends is that of the wooly bear worm.

The wooly bear, wooly worm or wooly caterpillar as it is sometimes called, has long been a go-to source to tell what type of winter is on the way.

As the legend goes, the more black that appears on the wooly bear, the harsher the winter. If the bands show more brown, or the brown bands are wider and more prominent, the winter will be on the mild side.

Is it true? Is it false?

Who knows?! But the wooly bear worm is famous enough to have festivals named in its honor in several states around the country.

The Squirrel

The squirrel is known to predict the severity of winter in many ways.

predicting winter

A bushy tail means a harsh winter ahead!

For some, they say the answer can be found in the tail.

As the story goes, the bushier a squirrel’s tail, the more harsh and cold the winter will be.

For others, the answer can be found in the squirrels late-season storing activities.

It is said that if you see a squirrel hording and saving more than normal, or burying their stash of nuts deeper than usual – look out! A bad winter is on the way.

Big Pine Cones High In The Sky

So what can pine cones tell you about whats in store for winter? Well, according to many old-timers, a lot!

As legend goes, if you see larger than normal pine cones, or if the pine cones are forming extremely high atop the trees, it’s a sign that a bad winter is on the way.

Conversely, if the pine cones are few and far between, are small in size, or can be found hanging on the lower branches, winter will be a breeze.

The August Fog Indicator For Predicting Winter

Who knew that fog in the summer could predict snow in the winter!

predicting winter

A foggy August could spell a snowy winter

As the legend goes, if August has an unusual amount of foggy mornings, the winter will be cold and long.

If it fog-free, then the snow and cold will stay away.

Persimmons – The Fruit Knows.

Maybe one of the most unusual and yet entertaining stories is that of persimmon.

The persimmon is a fruit that resembles a tomato, but grows in trees.

Apparently, if you slice open a ripe persimmon, the insides will reveal the look of either a knife, a fork, or a spoon. And as the story goes, they will tell you what is on the way!

If there happens to be a spoon shape revealed, then snow is coming. A knife means that you will have more ice. And the beloved fork means winter will be on the mild side.

With a persimmon tree, who needs a meteorologist for predicting winter!

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