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Growing Heirloom Tomatoes – 6 Great Varieties To Grow For Big Flavor!

When growing heirloom tomatoes, gardeners need to prepare themselves for a bit of an explosion.

As in an explosion of flavor!

Heirloom tomatoes have taken the vegetable gardening world by storm over the last decade.

growing heirloom tomatoes
An heirloom tomato salad. A flavor-filled feast!

Old-time varieties, once phased out in favor of more “standardized” commercial tomatoes, are now being rediscovered and grown again.

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes – Growing Old-Time Flavor!

Many of the best tasting varieties of tomatoes were weaned out of the mainstream gardening world during the last 50 years.

Why? Because they were not pretty enough to display at the market. Or, because they didn’t have a long shelf life.

But times have changed for the good. And growing heirloom tomatoes in the backyard garden is now a passion for many.

growing heirloom varieties
Heirlooms have relegated the tasteless “supermarket tomato” to near extinction.

Heirloom varieties like Brandywine, Copia and Purple Cherokee ooze with style and flavor. ( Be sure to see our six great varieties to grow below)

And in the process, have relegated the boring, tasteless “supermarket” tomato to near extinction.

Adding to their allure for the home gardener, heirloom seeds are also easy on the garden budget.

By nature, heirloom tomatoes are open-pollinated. These stabilized varieties can easily be saved to use again and again. See : Saving Heirloom Tomato Seeds

Save on Seeds

So, are you ready to start growing heirloom tomatoes in your garden thsi year?

Here is a look at six great varieties that will rock your flavor taste buds!

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes – 6 Great Varieties To Plant This Year

Tigerella Heirloom Tomato

The Tigerella is a gorgeous tiger striped heirloom with bright red and orange stripes.

growing heirloom tomatoes

Beyond their intense beauty and flavor, Tigerella tomatoes mature early. They are a great way to enjoy tomato flavor fast!

The Tigerella is a big producer. As an indeterminate, it will keep on producing until frost.

Seed Link : Tigerella Heirloom Tomato

HillBilly Tomato  

This tomato is unique and simply beautiful. It is a must try!

The Hillbilly produces yellow and red striped tomatoes on large plants. The tomatoes are almost neon in color.

growing heirloom tomatoes

The Hillbilly tomato is perfect for slicing and eating.

It also adds wonderful flavor and color to salads.  They are also a great conversation starter!

Seed Link : Hillbilly Tomato

Costoluto Genovese

The Costoluto is one old-time tomato!

With roots from Italy, the Costoluto Genovese is a tomato with a past in the United States since the early 1800’s.

In fact, it was one of Thomas Jefferson’s favorite tomatoes to grow.

growing heirloom tomatoes

The tomato is unique for sure. It has deep red ridges that form a near pumpkin-type shape.

And the flavor is meaty and intense.

Not surprisingly, it remains one of the most well-known and grown tomatoes in Italy for eating and preserving.

Seed Link : Costuluto Genevese

Golden Jubilee

Next up is the Golden Jubilee.

And when it comes to growing heirloom tomatoes of the yellow variety, it is a perfect choice.

growing heirloom tomatoes

The Golden Jubilee produces a heavy harvest of 3 to 5 oz. yellow tomatoes. They add wonderful color to salads. And are perfect for slicing and eating too.

Dating back to the 1940’s, this award-winning tomato is juicy, meaty, and sure to please.

Seed Link : Golden Jubilee Tomato

San Marzano Paste

If you like salsa or you like to can – then you need to grow San Marzano!

They are an amazing paste, puree and canning tomato.

growing heirloom tomatoes

The San Marzano is a big producer. It has a meaty flesh that lends itself to making sauce, salsa and more.

As an indeterminate, it will continue to produce until frost.

Seed Link : San Marzano Tomato

Black Cherry

For cherry tomato fans – the black cherry heirloom variety is a must!

The Black Cherry produces an over abundant crop of small round black and reddish fruits.

growing heirloom tomatoes
The Black Cherry Tomato

They are perfect for salads, salsa – or simply eating.  

Black Cherry Tomatoes have a super-sweet rich flavor. Quite simply, they can’t be compared to the bland red cherry tomatoes you find at the grocery store.

As for production they grow and produce til frost. So whatever you do, be prepared to have plenty on hand.

The Black Cherry variety certainly makes growing heirloom tomatoes fun and easy!

Seed Link : Black Cherry Tomato

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