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How To Eliminate Mosquitoes Naturally From Your Backyard And Patio

“What can I do to help eliminate mosquitoes naturally from ruining my evening outdoor activities at my house?”

That recent question is one we receive quite regularly to the blog. Especially as the heat and humidity of summer bring on these annoying and harmful pests in record numbers.

Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but a health risk as well.

Their painful bites can carry a near encyclopedia-long list of diseases, including encephalitis, West Nile virus, malaria and yellow fever.

eliminate mosquitoes
Mosquitoes not only look menacing, they can carry a whole host of diseases as well.

And beyond that, the welts they leave in their wake cause scratching and itching that can nearly drive you crazy.

But there are ways to deter and help eliminate mosquitoes naturally from your backyard and patio areas.

Let’s take a look at 4 of the best!

4 Ways To Eliminate Mosquitoes Naturally

#1 Attract Natural Enemies

Birds love mosquitoes and mosquito larvae!

Bats, purple martins and bluebirds are all natural predators of mosquitoes. So are robins and chickadees as well.

In fact, the can eat thousands of the creatures on a daily basis!

bat house on a tree
Bat houses can attract bats, and keep mosquito problems at bay!

And making your backyard an inviting place by filling them with the plants they love can have a big effect on reducing your mosquito population. See : 4 Great Plants To Attract Birds, Bees and Butterflies.

Another great way to keep them around is to provide the housing they love.

Installing specific and inviting bird houses such as purple martin houses and bat houses work wonders in keeping these mosquito-eating birds on sight.

And installing and maintaining these bird houses is simple and easy to do. Product Links : Wooden Bat HousePurple Martin House

In addition, feeders and bird baths can be inviting to birds in as well. But as you will see below, be sure to change out that water daily in the bird baths!

#2 Use Fire and Herbs To Eliminate Mosquitoes Naturally

Heat and flames are natural repellents to mosquitoes.

But when you add in a few herbs to the flames, an outdoor campfire can turn into a massive dose of a natural bug repellent.

The next time you light that fire pit, campfire or outdoor grill for the evening, toss in a little sage, lavender or mint into the flames.

It can be fresh or dried, but the resulting scent from the flames will send mosquitoes packing!

#3 Eliminate Their Natural Habitat

Mosquitoes need standing water to breed and multiply.

And you might be surprised at just how many perfect breeding spaces exist around your home for mosquitoes. Some in plain sight, and others a bit more hidden.

In just 36 to 48 hours, mosquitoes can lay and hatch larvae.

mosquito larvae in standing water
Standing water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquito larvae.

That means bird baths, small pools, old tires, and standing pails or containers of water left out can quickly become their breeding grounds.

So can clogged downspouts and gutters where water collects and remains out of sight.

Start by keeping these areas free and clear of standing water.

If you have bird baths or small pools for kids outdoors, change out the water daily. Be sure to inspect gutter and downspouts for clogs and standing water on a regular basis.

And after hard rains, be sure to clear any areas of standing water. This practice alone can do wonders in controlling your overall mosquito population.

#4 Fill Patio And Outdoor Spaces With The Plants Mosquitoes Despise

Marigolds, Nasturtiums, and herbs such as lavender, sage and mints are all despised by mosquitoes.

overwintering herbs
Mint is an easy to grow herb that mosquitoes simply don’t like.

In fact, Nasturtium plants produce a specific chemical marker that mosquitoes are known to avoid.

And these plants help with keeping out other annoying pests such as aphids, whiteflies and squash bugs too.

Best of all, they can fill your patio with beautiful blooms and scents as they grow!

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