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The Best Way To Fertilize Hanging Baskets, Planters & Container Plants

When you fertilize hanging baskets and container plants with just the right nutrients in just the right way, you will be amazed at the results!

Whether in potted plants or hanging baskets, the soil in containers is simply unable to contain enough energy to sustain quality plant life for an entire season.

In fact, without added nutrients, most container plants and flowering baskets begin to fail by mid-summer, if not earlier.

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And that is where a few good fertilizing techniques can help keep plants to continue blooming strong all summer long.

The Best Way To Fertilize Hanging Baskets And Container Plants

The key to fertilizing hanging baskets and container plants correctly is with a slow, steady approach.

First and foremost, all potted annual plants will need to be fertilized in order to keep their strength and vitality.

As mentioned above, the soil mix in any container, no matter how large or good it might be, eventually runs out of available nutrients for plants.

wilted plant
Without proper watering and additional fertilizer, most hanging baskets will start to fade by mid to late summer.

But by re-supplying those nutrients in mild doses every 7 to 10 days, plants will continue to thrive.

And the best way to fertilize is with a low-strength liquid fertilizer.

Why Mild / Low-Strength Doses?

So why not use a heavier dose of fertilizer less often? Because too much of a good thing really can be a bad thing.

Plants that receive too many nutrients at once use that power to grow excessive roots and foliage, and not more blooms.

And when roots grow too big to quickly in containers, plants become root-bound. And once a plant becomes root-bound, it will require even more frequent watering and fertilizer.

shallow planter
Shallow containers like the one above have limited soil, and can run out of nutrients quickly.

It creates a vicious cycle that ultimately leads to an early demise for the plant.

Why To Fertilize Hanging Baskets & Container Plants With A Liquid Dose

Liquid fertilizers work wonders for plants in containers because the nutrients are absorbed quickly and easily.

Not only via the roots in the soil, but through the leaves and stems as well.

Just like when you water or it rains, plants absorb the moisture through the leaves, stems and soil.

And this absorption process is no different when you water with a fertilizer included in the mix. The plants quickly take it all in, and the nutrients can quickly begin to help.

fertilize hanging baskets
Liquid fertilizer, like this compost tea works incredibly well for container plants.

Its a process that granular fertilizers can’t compete with, even ones designed to be slow-release.

And when it comes to container plants, it is why steady and frequent doses of liquid fertilizer simply work the best.

With that in mind, here are three incredible and all-natural liquid fertilizer choices that will work wonders when it comes to fertilizing your hanging baskets and potted plants.

Compost Tea

Compost tea is an incredible all-purpose liquid fertilizer. And simply perfect for fertilizing hanging baskets and container plants.

To make, simply mix a few shovel-fulls of fresh compost in a 5 gallon bucket, and allow to steep for a few days. Be sure to stir the mixture a few times each day to help the water absorb the nutrients from the compost.

worm casting tea
You can make a powerful liquid fertilizer from worm castings or fresh compost.

Then, simply strain the mixture and water your plants as you would for a regular watering. See : How To Make Incredible Compost Tea

It really is that easy! The nutrients are absorbed both by the foliage and the roots, and your plants will have strong, steady and beautiful growth.

Worm Casting Tea

Just like compost tea, worm casting tea is a perfectly balanced, nutrient-filled fertilizer.

And making it even better, is made easily with simply a handful of worm castings. See : The Worm Castings – The Perfect All Natural Fertilizer

Just mix 1/2 cup of castings with 1 gallon of water. Let it steep for 24 hours, and then strain and water plants. Product Link : 15 lb Worm Castings

Fish Emulsion

Fish emulsion is another excellent choice for powering potted plants. Itcan be purchased in liquid form, and then diluted for a quick and easy liquid fertilizer.

hanging baskets
A steady supply of nutrients will keep your plants healthy all season long.

The nutrient filled solution powers plants with a slow and steady stream of nutrients.

And, just like compost tea and worm castings, Fish emulsion is 100% organic and all-natural.

Here is to growing your best container plants ever this year with a steady supply of nutrients!

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