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How To Stop Grasshoppers From Devouring Your Garden & Landscape

So just how can you stop grasshoppers from devouring your vegetable plants, flowers and perennials?

An invasion of grasshoppers can spell serious problems for a home garden and landscape.

The voracious plant-eaters can quickly decimate crops, perennials and annual flowers.

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But with a few home remedies, and the help of a few predatory friends, they can be held in check.

Here are 3 of the best ways to keep grasshopper populations under control, and keep your garden and landscape safe from damage.

3 Simple Methods To Stop Grasshoppers

#1 Raising Chickens

Yes, believe it or not, grasshopper control is just one more reason for every backyard gardener to raise a few chickens.

And of course, you even get a farm-fresh eggs as an added bonus!

Not only do chickens search for and devour adult grasshoppers, they also feed on the grasshopper larva. And that of course, eliminates the following year’s population.

free ranging chicken
Chickens are incredible at controlling all kinds of insect problems. In the summer months, they can devour thousands of insects a day. And in the winter, they will search for grubs and larva in the ground as well.

Grasshoppers deposit larva in the fall to hatch the following spring. As chickens scratch and move about, they unearth the larva and feed on it.

Chickens are actually an incredible way to control all kinds of insect and pest populations. (See : The Chicken Chicks Guide To Raising Backyard Chickens)

You may have to fence off a few areas of flowers and vegetable plants, but a few hours of free-ranging about the yard, even if it ‘s only for a few days each month, will do wonders in keeping insect populations in check.

#2 Hot Pepper / Garlic Spray

One of the more effective and natural methods that can be used to deter grasshoppers is to coat plants in a homemade spray made of garlic and hot peppers.

Grasshoppers do not like the smell of garlic, or the fiery taste of peppers.

By combining the two garden ingredients into a liquid that can be sprayed onto the foliage of plants, it deters the grasshoppers from dining on the leaves.

stopping grasshoppers with garlic and hot pepper spray
Garlic and hot pepper spray, when applied regularly, can deter grasshoppers from munching on plants in the landscape.

To make, mince four cloves of garlic and three to four medium sized cayenne (or similar hot pepper variety) peppers. Next, add 6 cups of water and the minced peppers and garlic into a sauce pan.

Simmer for about 20 minutes on medium heat, and then let the mixture cool and soak overnight.

Strain, and then use the hot pepper / garlic concentrate at a rate of 1 cup per gallon of water to apply to plant foliage with a hand or pump sprayer.

Be sure to re-apply after every rain or watering to retain maximum effectiveness.

Hot pepper spray is also a great way to keep rabbits from nibbling on your crops as well! See : How To Deter Rabbits With Hot Pepper Spray.

#3 Dusting Plants With Flour To Stop Grasshoppers

Believe it or not, a dusting of your plants with ordinary all-purpose flour will do wonders in stopping grasshoppers.

When ingested by the grasshoppers, flour acts as a natural insecticide, interfering with their digestive system.

all purpose flour as a natural insecticide
All purpose flour acts as a natural insecticide against grasshoppers.

To apply, simply dust the foliage of plants with a light coating of flour. As with the hot pepper / garlic spray, you will need to re-apply after any rain or watering.

Be sure to use only all-purpose flour and not any baking mixtures that may contain added salt or sugar. These added ingredients can be harmful to both the plants and the soil.

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