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How To Grow Purple Green Beans – Add This Unique, Tasty Crop To Your Garden!

Make this the year you grow purple green beans in your garden to jazz up your garden and taste buds with a little flair.

Purple green beans are definitely a conversation piece in the garden! Maturing in just a little over 50 days, plants quickly produce a delicious bush bean with a deep purple color.

how to grow purple green beans
Purple green beans add a touch of color to the garden from traditional green or even yellow beans.

The plants really are a beauty to behold. The bright green foliage of the bean plant contrasts well with the purple pods.

But beyond their intense beauty, these stringless beans are also tender, tasty, and filled with nutrients.

The Little Secret of Growing Purple Green Beans…

Perhaps most interesting of all though is that you may have already consumed these delicious “purple” beans without knowing it. That is because even though they grow as purple beans, they turn green when cooked!

The purple bean variety we are talking about in today’s article is known as Royal Burgundy.

growing purple green beans
The bright green foliage and deep purple color of the beans is a beautiful addition to any garden.

There are actually several other varieties and styles of purple beans that can be grown, including even purple pole beans. But the Burgundy bush variety is certainly is one of the easiest to grow of all.

It is a non-GMO, heirloom variety with compact growth and big yields. And even better, it is naturally resistant to the bean beetle. Product Link : Royal Burgundy Purple Bean Seed

How To Plant And Grow Purple Green Beans

Purple green beans grow in exactly the same fashion as traditional bush green beans. Seeds can be directly seeded in the soil as soon the threat of frost has passed.

A young royal burgundy bean plant sprouts to life in the garden.

The prefer the soil to be warmed a bit for good germination. For best results, allow the temperature of the soil to reach at least 65 to 70 degrees.

Royal burgundy bush beans are a determinate vegetable, so they will flower and produce their entire crop over one set time frame. Usually over a few week period.

Because of this, many gardeners prefer to stagger plantings a few rows and a few weeks at a time to keep fresh beans coming on.

Preparing The Soil For Planting

Bush beans require very little to grow well. In fact, they grow perfectly fine in most soil types, and actually improve the soil condition and nutrient levels for the next crop.

Simply prepare planting beds by adding in a bit of compost to the planting rows prior to seeding. Next, sow bean seeds one inch deep, and 4 to 5″ apart. Leave at least 18″ between rows to allow space for harvest.

seed sprouting
Plant bean seeds at a depth of 1 inch. Seed will germinate quickly and be ready for harvest in as little as 50 days.

After the beans sprout, adding a bit of straw or shredded leaf mulch will help to keep competing weeds at bay. There is no need to fertilize the crop after it has been planted.

Harvesting Purple Beans

Royal Burgundy bush beans will be ready for harvesting around 50 to 60 days after planting. Harvest tender young beans as soon as they have filled out and reach 3 to 4 inches in length for best flavor.

improving soil
Bean plants actually improve the soil for the next crop to be grown.

Royal Burgundy beans are a determinate variety of beans. Once plants have been harvested over a two week to three week period, they will be not produce additional blooms or beans.

Simply pull and add to your compost pile – and plant another crop to enjoy in the fall! See : How To Create A Great Compost Pile

Here is to adding a little color to your vegetable garden this year by growing purple green beans!

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