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The 5 Simple Secrets To Keep Flower Pots Blooming All Summer Long!

When it comes to growing the most gorgeous flower pots on the block, a few simple tips can go a long way toward keeping them healthy and blooming all summer long

Flowering baskets and containers are a great way to add instant color to porches, patios and decks. But for many, keeping the flowers going strong can be a challenge.

Especially when it comes to maintaining beautiful foliage and blooms into late summer and fall!

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With that in mind, here are 5 simple tips to keep your flower pots overflowing all summer long

5 Simple Secrets To Keep Flower Pots Blooming

#1 Don’t Skimp On The Container Size

One of the biggest mistakes gardeners make when growing in containers is selecting a pot that is too small. The more soil a vessel can hold, the better the results will be.

When growing flowering annuals, small pots quickly become root bound. Once this occurs, they are unable to absorb water or nutrients. The result is a plant that begins to fail quickly.

keep flower pots blooming
The larger the container, the better.

Select pots, containers and baskets that are at least 10″ to 12″ wide and deep. This allows for enough soil for plants to grow through spring, summer, and into autumn as well.

#2 Provide Adequate Drainage

Believe it or not, potted plants suffer more from over-watering than under-watering. In fact, when flower pots are struggling to bloom, watering issues are usually a big part of the problem.

One way to help solve this problem is by providing additional drainage for your pots.

Make sure your container has multiple drainage holes in its bottom. If only one is present, drill out a few additional holes before planting. This allows excess water to escape, and keeps roots from becoming water-logged.

drainage in containers
Without proper drainage, roots can easily become water-logged.

In addition to drainage holes, it’s also important to place drainage material in the bottom of containers before planting.

Small rocks, gravel, or wood chips placed in the bottom helps to keep drain holes clear. It also allows oxygen to reach the roots, which aids greatly in overall plant health.

#3 Fill Flower Pots With Great Soil For Great Blooms

Without great soil, plants will fail.

When planting containers, begin by selecting a high quality potting soil. And then, add even more nutrients to it!

worm castings
Worm castings add big power to the soil.

Adding in a bit of compost and/or worm castings to your potting soil helps to supercharge the soil. These slow-release nutrients help to build a strong, vital root system quickly.

In addition, mixing in a little vermiculite or perlite to the soil can also help keep the soil loose, all while helping to retain valuable moisture for the roots. Product Link : Perlite

#4 Select The Right Plants For The Right Area

And one of the biggest keys of all to growing long-lasting, blooming flower pots? Selecting the right plants for the location!

keep flower pots blooming - million bells
Choosing the right plants for shade or full sun locations is a big key to success.

Plants that will be on hot, sunny patios need to be able to withstand those elements. The same goes for the plants placed in flower pots that occupy shady areas.

Read plant labels carefully to select the right plants for the right space! See : Million Bells – The Perfect Potted Plant

#5 Slow & Steady Fertilizing

Finally, to keep flower pots blooming continuously, fertilizing is a must! No matter how good the soil, potted plants need additional energy throughout the season to last.

But the key is to provide it in slow, weaker doses to keep the plants growing gradually. It’s far better to fertilize with a weak solution every 10 to 14 days than a powerful monthly dose.

keep flower pots blooming
To keep annuals blooming all summer, they need a slow, steady supply of nutrients.

Use a high-quality liquid fertilizer at half strength, or water with compost or worm casting tea every few weeks. This will give enough energy for plants to continue blooming – but not overgrow their surroundings. (Product Link : M.G. Organics Liquid Fertilizer)

There you have it – 5 big keys to container growing success. Make this the year you grow the best blooming flower pots on the block!

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