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The Perfect Hanging Basket Plant With Big Flower Power – Million Bells!

If you are looking for the perfect hanging basket plant that blooms all summer long, then Million Bells (Calibrachoa) is the choice for you!

Million Bells, or Calibrachoa as it is officially known, is an annual growing more popular every year. And, it’s easy to see why!

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This plant is simply a stunner when grown in containers and hanging baskets. Not only does it produce a heavy load of miniature petunia-like blooms, it produces them continuously.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wonders of this beautiful annual. As you’ll see below, it’s foliage, durability and ease of maintenance make it a winning choice!

the perfect hanging basket plant - million bells
The massive blooms of Million Bells

Million Bells – The Perfect Hanging Basket Plant!

Foliage & Blooms

Million Bells is a trailing annual that fills out planters and baskets with a bushy canopy of bright green foliage. The plant spills over containers with ease, but unlike many vining plants, doesn’t grow wildly out of control.

million bells - calibrachoa hanging basket plant
The slow, trailing growth makes for stunning pots, containers and baskets.

Instead, it’s trailing growth is slow and compact, giving the foliage and blooms big impact and huge color.


Beyond the incredible flower power it provides, Million Bells also holds up extremely well to Mother Nature as well.

The plant thrives in full sun, making it a perfect choice for hot patios and decks. But it also handles partial shade too, making it an all-purpose container plant like no other.

Million Bells
Million Bells performs well in containers and baskets with its slow, trailing growth.

Staying Power

Perhaps best of all is the plant’s ability to last all season long. Unlike many annuals that lose their luster by mid-summer, Million Bells has long-lasting power!

With slow root growth, steady growth, and a bit of care, the plant will continue to bloom well into late fall.

Care & Maintenance

It’s hard to find a lower maintenance container plant than Million Bells. For starters, the plant does not require deadheading to continue blooming. And with its slow, steady root growth, it rarely needs to be re-potted into larger containers.

calibrachoa hanging basket plant
The bright, long lasting blooms make Million Bells a big winner in hanging baskets.

And, if the plant grows a little large, you can simply prune it back to keep it’s shape, and the blooms will keep on coming!


In fact, the only requirement to keep Million Bells blooming big all season long is a light fertilizing now and then. Simply feed with a light/weak solution of liquid fertilizer every 10 to 14 days, and the plant will thrive. (Product Link : Organic Liquid Fertilizer)

Here is to adding some lasting power to your containers and hanging baskets with Million Bells! For more great information on planting and maintaining hanging baskets, check out our Hanging Basket category on the website.

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