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How To Grow Ornamental Cabbage For Amazing Fall Color In Pots & Beds

Growing ornamental cabbage is a great way to bring unique color to your Autumn landscape. Not only are they perfect for brightening up containers, pots, but flowerbeds too!

These annual plants truly are the perfect choice for adding late season color and foliage. Not only can the cabbages flourish in the cool fall temperatures, they actually thrive in it.

how to grow ornamental cabbage
Ornamental cabbage loves cool weather and can survive temps well below freezing.

In fact, ornamental cabbage can survive in temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. And that means in many locations, they can survive in beds and pots well past November!

The Beauty of Growing Ornamental Cabbage

Ornamental cabbage is a relative of traditional garden cabbage, but it has a few distinct differences. For one, even though it is technically edible, it is quite bitter to taste.

But when it comes to stunning color and beauty, it’s in a cabbage “class” all to it’s own. With bright, radiating foliage in hues of green, red, white, pink and purple, it’s simply gorgeous.

autumn color
Unlike traditional cabbage plants, ornamental varieties can be grown in a wide variety of sensational colors.

Especially when you consider they “bloom” in late fall, at a time when many annuals are fading fast.

How To Grow Ornamental Cabbage

Ornamental cabbage plants can often be sourced at local nurseries as early fall arrives. But growing them from home is quite easy from seed, and is extremely economical too. (Product Link : Ornamental Cabbage Seeds)

fall annuals
As a fall annual, it is hard to beat beauty like this!

Ornamental cabbage usually takes around 12 weeks to mature to full color. And they do so best when cooler temperatures arrive. Starting seeds in mid-August works well to have plants best at their best height of autumn season.

Start seeds outdoors in beds or pots and water well to promote quick germination. Ornamental cabbage grows best in fertile, well-draining soil. With that in mind, adding additional nutrients to the soil will help speed growth.

For pots and containers, use a high quality potting soil mix for best results. With bed spaces, be sure to work in plenty of compost to the planting area to provide good nutrients. See: How To Make Incredible Potting Soil

potted cabbage plants
Ornamental cabbage looks great in beds or pots and containers.

To promote growth, fertilize every few weeks once plants reach 4 to 6 weeks in age. As plants reach full maturity, there is little need for additional fertilizing.

Here is to growing ornamental cabbage this year, and adding big fall color to your landscape!

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