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The Best Cherry Tomato Plants To Grow – 5 Must Try Varieties For Big Flavor!

Looking for some of the best cherry tomato plants to grow this year?

Cherry tomato plants are one of the most commonly planted vegetable plants of all. Not only do they produce delicious little tomatoes earlier in the year than their larger counterparts, they keep on producing right up until the first frost.

Even better, you can grow them nearly anywhere. Their smaller nature makes them perfect for pots and containers on a patio or deck. But cherry tomato plants also work incredibly well when planted directly into the garden. In fact, they even work well tucked into flowerbeds too!

But one thing is for sure, no matter where you grow them, they are wonderful to harvest for salads, salsa, juice – and of course, fresh eating! And have the varieties ever come a long way when it comes to big color and flavor.

best cherry tomatoes to grow
Variety is the name of the game when it comes to growing cherry tomatoes. You can now grow heirloom varieties in all shapes, sizes and colors. Even better, the flavors are out of this world!

No longer are you stuck having to grow the same boring little red cherry tomato plants you remember your parents growing in their garden. Today, there are hundreds of heirloom and hybrid cherry tomato plants to choose from, all with their own unique flavor and color. And every year, the list continues to grow.

Here is a look at some of the best of the best when it comes to finding tasty and unique varieties to grow. With each variety, we have also included a seed link at the end of the description.

The Best Cherry Tomatoes To Plant For Big Flavor & Yields

Midnight Snack

Midnight Snack cherry tomatoes are as pretty to look at as they are to eat. With a super glossy purple-black color, this indigo tomato is simply stunning – whether on the vine or on a plate!

Indigo tomatoes are becoming quite the talk among those looking to eat healthier. Indigo tomatoes contain high levels of antioxidants and are packed full of nutrition. But the proof really is in the taste. A super juicy tomato, Midnight Snack is both meaty and full of intense tomato flavor.

midnight snack cherry tomato
It is hard to top the beauty of the Midnight Snack cherry tomato. With its purple and black hues, it is a sight to behold. But just wait until you taste it!

The plant is an intermediate variety, meaning it will keep on producing right up until the first frost. Midnight Snack is best if given a little support, but will sprawl and grow well on the ground if need be.

Be prepared to harvest on a daily basis! This tomato produces huge quantities, making it perfect for making salsa and juice if the harvest becomes too large. Midnight Snack plants usually produce their first harvestable tomato around 70 days after sprouting. Seed Link : Midnight Snack Tomato Seeds

Sunsugar Hybrid – The Best Cherry Tomatoes To Plant

At 62 days from seed to fruit, the Sunsugar tomato plant is one of the earliest tomatoes to ripen its fruit. And is that fruit ever delicious!

Sunsugar, just as its name implies, is an incredibly juicy and sweet tomato. In fact, you might even think someone actually added sugar to it when you first taste it. The winner of several tasting awards, Sunsugar is overflowing with delicious flavor, but also happens to be quite colorful as well.

Sunsugar - best cherry tomatoes
The Sunsugar cherry tomato is one of the sweetest tasting tomatoes around!

With its bright orange color, it stands out from the crowd. Especially if you grow it around traditional red tomato varieties. Much like the Midnight Snack variety, it also happens to be packed full of nutrition. Not only is the Sunsugar loaded with Vitamin C, it has a high Vitamin A content as well.

Midnight Snack is indeterminate in its growth pattern, and has good crack resistance while still maintaining a thin skin for better taste. Seed Link: Midnight Snack Variety

Black Cherry Tomato – The Best Cherry Tomatoes To Plant

The black cherry tomato plant was one of the first non-traditional cherry tomato plants to become popular among backyard gardeners. The indeterminate heirloom variety produces some of the most flavorful cherry tomatoes around. And lots of them!

The color can vary a bit depending on the soil, heat and growing conditions, but in general the fruit turns to a beautiful blackish-red color as it ripens. Perhaps the color mahogany better describes the outer skin. One thing is for sure, the taste is an explosion of sweet, sugary perfection.

black cherry - best tomatoes to grow
The Black Cherry heirloom tomato plant is one of the best all-purpose cherry tomatoes you can grow. With beautiful color, big flavor and high yields, one plant is usually more than enough to keep a family of four in cherry tomatoes all season long.

The fruit tends to be on the larger size of cherry tomatoes, usually topping out around one inch in diameter. Give these plants full sun as they can take the heat, and actually thrive in it. They will grow best when getting a full 8 hours of sun each day. Using a good, all-natural fertilizer will also help yields tremendously. (See : How To Fertilize Tomatoes)

Although the black cherry can grow quite successfully in pots and containers, they can grow big! In fact, when growing in a garden setting, they can reach heights of six feet or taller. With that in mind, be prepared to use a stake or cage for support.

Plants usually will begin to have their first harvestable fruit around 70 to 75 days from seed, but it can be faster in warmer climates. Plant one per container, and space 18 to 36 inches apart in a garden setting. Seed Link : Black Cherry Tomato Plant Seeds

Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato Plant – The Best Cherry Tomatoes To Plant

The Gold Nugget is a wonderful choice for those looking for a great tasting yellow cherry tomato to grow. The bush-style plant ripens its fruit in around 60 days from seed, also making it one of the fastest producing varieties around.

What really makes the Gold Nugget stand out is its incredible flavor. With a thin, tender skin, the super-sweet flesh is perfect for fresh eating and salads. In fact, the flavor is so good that it has won several international awards!

Its compact growing style can work well for large containers or in a garden setting. With a heavy fruit load, staking or a cage for supporting the limbs and fruit will most likely be necessary. Gold Nugget is an open-pollinated, indeterminate variety that will continue to produce until frost. Seed Link: Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato Seeds

Tiny Tim Dwarf Cherry Tomato Plant – The Best Cherry Tomatoes To Plant

Last but not least, if you love to grow in containers, the Tiny Tim Dwarf cherry tomato plant is the plant for you! With a growing height topping out around 12 to 16 inches, and a width of about 6 inches, it is wonderful for pots, window boxes and even hanging baskets.

The diminutive plant fills its stems with a large quantity of tiny tomatoes. With a flavor profile somewhere between sweet and a bit tart, they are great for salads or snacking. Tiny Tim also happens to make a great conversation piece as well as a true dwarf tomato plant.

tiny tim tomato
The Tiny Tim Dwarf tomato variety is perfect for growing in pots and containers.

Unlike the other cherry tomato varieties in today’s article, Tiny Tim is a determinate variety. With that in mind, once it has produced its full compliment of tomatoes, it will die off for the season. Seed Link : Tiny Tim Dwarf Tomato Seeds

We hope you enjoyed today’s article on cherry tomatoes. It is safe to say that these five varieties are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to heirloom cherry tomatoes. Here is to selecting a few of your favorite cherry tomato plants and growing some of the best, most delicious little tomatoes around!

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