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Christmas Gifts For Gardeners – 4 Great Gift Ideas, All Under $25!

Looking for a few great Christmas gifts for the gardeners on your shopping list this year? We have you covered today with 4 great gift ideas that are sure to please any gardener – all while still being easy on the budget!

It’s hard to find anyone more passionate about their craft than gardeners. For those who love to grow and plant, there never seems to be enough time in the day to play in the soil – or to try out a new gardening gadget or tool!

Christmas gifts for gardeners
If you are looking for some great garden gift ideas for that garden lover in your life – today’s article is right up your alley.

With the holiday season fast approaching, we thought today would be the perfect time to showcase 4 such gadgets and tools that make a perfect gift for those you know who love to play in the dirt. Or perhaps – maybe for yourself!

With the holiday gardening spirit in mind – here is a look at some terrific garden gift ideas that won’t break the bank!

4 Great Christmas Gifts For Gardeners Under $25

4 In 1 Soil Tester / Moisture Meter

If there is one tool that every gardener and grower should have in their arsenal, it’s a soil tester. Especially one that can multi-task. This four-in-one unit is truly one of those tools that you never knew how much you needed until you started using it!

As a soil moisture tester, it’s perfect for telling you exactly when to water. And perhaps even more importantly, when not to. The long probe extends down deep in the soil to give you the moisture level of the soil.

Water Right – All The Time!

This can be perfect for checking on hanging baskets, container plantings and houseplants. But it’s also great for vegetable and flower plants in the soil. Unfortunately, you simply can’t tell by looking at the surface of the soil if a plant really needs water or not. But with this instant read meter, you know right away! See our article: The 3 Biggest Garden Watering Mistakes – And How To Avoid Them!

great Christmas Gifts for gardeners
With an easy-to-read display, this four in one soil meter can be a huge plus for knowing when to water, when to plant – and if your soil is right for your plants.

In addition, the meter can also give you an instant soil temperature reading as well. That can be ideal for knowing if your spring soil is finally warm enough to plant those seeds or transplants. The light meter is also invaluable, letting you know if your plants are getting the light they need when they need it.

And if all of that wasn’t enough – the pH meter is wonderful for telling you the acidity level of your soil. What’s really nice about this meter is that with a bright, digital readout – it’s so easy to read. Talk about a tool that anyone can use – and that can help you garden better than ever!

10 Inch Self Watering Plant Pot Hanging Baskets – 4 Great Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

Know someone who struggles with keeping their hanging baskets watered? There is nothing worse than coming home after a hot day to find your hanging baskets wilting in the heat. But with self watering baskets – you will never have to worry about it again!

self watering hanging baskets
The self watering planters can water plants for up to 7 to 14 days. That can be perfect for those with hectic schedules that can take them away from home for days.

These 10 inch hanging baskets have an easy to fill water reservoir at the bottom. And when filled, it can keep plants watered for seven to fourteen days. And no worries about overwatering, because the baskets also have extra holes for draining away excess water.

These really are the perfect gift for those with travel and work schedules that don’t always make daily watering possible. Even better, they have an attractive design that can work with almost any decor. And best of all, you get two of them with your order!

Meperez Ratcheting German Handheld Pruners – 4 Great Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

For a gardener, the chore of trimming, pruning and cutting back never seems to end. Even for those with strong hands, it can be hard. But if you happen to have a few aches, pains or arthritis in your joints, it can be almost impossible.

That is exactly where the Meperez ratcheting hand held pruners can save the day! With an extra sharp blades that cuts with ease, it can make quick work of pruning. And because of its ratcheting action, it can do so without having to struggle.

great Christmas gifts - ratcheting pruners
These ratcheting pruners can be a lifesaver for a gardeners hands.

At just under 8 ounces in weight, the cutters are extremely light. But the ratcheting action provides 3 times more cutting power, making it easy to cut thick or tough stems and vines. And the blade is durable as well. In fact, it can last for 10 years without needing replaced!

Muse Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder – 4 Great Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

Gardeners love birds, especially hummingbirds that help pollinate their gardens and flowerbeds -all while looking beautiful doing it! And when it comes to attracting these speedy, fast-flying birds, it’s hard to beat the beauty of this glass blown hummingbird feeder.

This gorgeous feeder will look right at home anywhere. Outside of a window, in your flowerbeds – or right in the garden. And hummingbirds love it!

Designed with an ant guard and bee proof metal base, this feeder is great for keeping unwanted visitors away, but letting hummingbirds go to town. With four 4 perches for hummingbirds to rest and feed, it will have them visiting and returning to your landscape all season long.

hummingbird feeder - glass
It’s hard to beat the captivating beauty of this blown glass hummingbird feeder. Available in multiple colors, this feeder is sure to bring the hummingbirds calling.

What we really like about this feeder is that in addition to its beautiful glass, it has a larger capacity than most other hummingbird feeders, which means less refilling for you. Even better, with copper material for its feeding ports, it’s designed to stand up to the elements.

We hope you enjoyed this year’s version of our favorite Christmas gifts for gardeners – here’s to finding something special for that someone special in your life!

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