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How To Grow Evergreens In Pots – 5 Great Varieties That Add Year Round Appeal!

It is truly amazing how by simply planting and growing a few evergreens in pots and containers, one can add amazing year-round beauty and interest to their landscape. Not just in the spring, summer, and fall, but all through the winter months too!

Although many consider evergreens to be more for permanent planting in flowerbeds, many varieties are well-suited for growing in containers. And depending on the variety and your climate, most can be left outdoors all winter long with minimal care.

So why grow evergreens in containers? For starters, they are an excellent way to add instant greenery to porches, patios, and decks. Especially through the long winter months when foliage and color can be quite sparse outdoors. Even better, they make for great holiday decorating too!

Evergreens can brighten up any corner of the landscape. Most don’t require pruning. However, you can be creative with their shape and design to match the aesthetics of your home.
Even More Reasons To Grow Evergreens…

But beyond their four season appeal, evergreens also happen to be extremely low-maintenance plants. Not only do they require far less watering than potted perennials or annuals, but they also tend to be highly pest and animal resistant.

Best of all, because they are in containers, they are mobile. And that means they can be moved at will to create color and interest wherever and whenever it is needed, no matter what the season may be!

With that in mind, here is a look at five evergreen varieties that are perfect for growing outdoors all year round in containers – even if you happen to live in a climate with cold winters. For specific information on proper care and maintenance, be sure to check out our article “How To Care For Potted Evergreens In The Winter.”

Evergreens growing in winter
Many varieties of evergreens can handle winter easily – and add big interest when most of the landscape is bare.

5 Great Evergreens Perfect For Growing In Pots & Containers

Little Giant Arborvitae

This slow-growing shrub, with its soft, circular shaped foliage is wonderful for container planting. Hardy from growing zones 3 through 8, it handles cold climates well. Even better, it can handle full or partial sun locations without any trouble at all.

Little Giant grows very slowly, allowing it to last multiple seasons without the need for replanting. It will rarely if ever need major pruning because it holds its globe shape quite easily. Although it can grow to three to four feet in diameter when planted in the ground, it will stay much more compact when growing in containers.

Boxwood – Dwarf English

The dwarf English boxwood is truly the champion of evergreen container plants. With its incredibly round and graceful light green foliage, it can brighten up any area in style. Especially when you consider it grows just as easily in partial shade as it does in full sun.

Boxwood varieties can thrive and grow in a wide range of climates and locations. The dwarf English variety is labeled hardy from growing zones 5 through 8. However, you can easily bring it into a garage or basement in colder climates to survive the winter. Affiliate Product Link: Little Missy Dwarf Boxwood (Buxus) – Starter Plant

The slow-growing foliage is easy to maintain and trim to keep its shape. Adding to its allure, the thick foliage of this evergreen makes it perfect for shaping into all kinds of unique shapes and sizes. Even better, the dwarf English boxwood is highly blight and pest resistant as well.

dwarf boxwoods
Dwarf boxwoods are a great addition to porches and patios, bringing year round color and interest.

Dwarf Cypress – Growing Evergreens In Pots

The dwarf cypress evergreen grows to around two to three feet at full maturity, making it a great selection for container planting. It rarely requires pruning unless you choose to grow it as a bonsai tree or for desired shaping. 

This is one plant that can handle wherever you place it, whether it be full sun or a location that receives nearly all shade. In addition, its compact size makes it ideal for fitting into small porches, patios, and front step areas.

Dwarf cypress evergreen growing in a container.
Plants such as this dwarf cypress are perfect for greening up a porch or patio space. Best of all, they require little in the way of long-term maintenance.

With its range of golden yellow to dark green foliage, it adds a dramatic display wherever you place the potted pine. The dwarf cypress thrives in growing zones 4 through 9 but can handle periods of high humidity as well as high heat. Affiliate Link : Shrub Gold Mop Cypress 2.25 Qt, 1 Gallon, Golden

Dwarf Mugo Pine

The dwarf mugo pine is well loved with its dark green needles on a mass of dense branches. It is slow growing and reaches a mature size of 3 to 5 feet tall in around 10 years. However, yearly pruning can help maintain shape and keep the plant from growing too wide or tall. 

Hardy in growing zones 2 through 8, the dwarf mugo pine is one of the easiest plants to grow in containers and pots. It also works well if brought into garages or protected spaces during extreme cold spells or in colder locations. 

It’s also very versatile. You can stand it alone as a show stopper in front of your home or along a walkway. Or, set the container among a group of other potted evergreens to add a variety of textures and colors. No matter where you choose to grow it, the dwarf mugo pine is the star of the show.

Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae – Growing Evergreens In Pots

Like its namesake, the Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae ornamental shrub creates a rounded ball-like appearance – much like a bowling ball! What’s better, it requires no pruning to maintain its naturally dense rounded shape. 

Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae features lacy, bright green foliage that stays vibrant all year long. It is extremely slow growing and only reaches a size of around 24 to 30 inches tall as well as wide. It’s foliage mass grows close to the soil, so it works great where height restrictions might be an issue.

A Bowling Ball evergreen growing in the ground.
Whether it is grown in the ground or in a container, the Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae holds its circular shape naturally.

It it hardy in growing zones 3 through 8 and does well with full sun to partial shade. If you grow it in full sun, providing some afternoon shade will help keep this ornamental shrub’s foliage bright and healthy. While it will tolerate some short periods of drought, it thrives in rainier locations as long as the container is well draining. Affiliate Link : Thuja Mr. Bowling Ball (Arborvitae) Evergreen

No matter which type of evergreen you choose to pot up and display around your property, one thing is for sure, all of the above can provide you with the perfect amount of texture and color – all year long!

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