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How To Keep Mice Out Of A Garage – 3 Simple Tricks That Work To Stop Mice!

Looking for an effective way to keep those pesky and destructive mice out of your garage this fall and winter – and stop them from coming in for good?

When it comes to looking for a place to find protection from the cold, a garage is a virtual goldmine for a mouse! Not only are garages far easier to gain access to than inside a house, they also usually have everything a mouse needs for survival, including shelter, warmth and yes, even food!

As little as they are, mice can create big and costly damage. Especially in a garage where expensive tools, supplies, cars, mowers and more can sustain heavy damage. Mice are also prone to chewing their way through walls and electrical wires, creating even more harm and a fire risk to boot.

mice in the garage
Mice come into garages in mid to late fall looking for winter protection. And once inside, they can quickly begin to cause damage!
When Mice Set Up Shop…

When creating their home, mice will use any and all available materials. Looking for warmth and protection, they will chew up cardboard, paper, fabric and even plastic to create their nests. And if building their home didn’t cause enough destruction – just wait until they begin raising a family!

Nests can cause all kinds of issues in a garage. For starters, the feces and urine of mice aren’t only unpleasant to smell, they can also carry disease. In addition, once that smell soaks in, it’s in for good, ruining any fabrics, boxes or material it comes in contact with.

So how can you avoid this nightmare? Is it really possible to keep these small creatures from setting up shop in your garage? The answer is yes – and best of all there is no need for harmful chemicals that can be unsafe for you and your pets. And best of all, no more worrying about them wreaking havoc on your belongings!

3 Simple Tricks To Keep Mice Out Of Your Garage – For Good!

There are three basic keys to keeping mice out of a garage. And by simply putting all three into place, you can and will eliminate the chance of a mouse ever taking up residence.

how to stop mice in the garage
When mice take up residence in car and mower engines, they can chew wires and tubing, causing major damage in the process.

First, you need to start by sealing off their most common entry points. Secondly, you need to eliminate any potential food or nesting sources that make creating a home easy for mice. And third – you need to use a strong but completely safe repellent that will keep them from ever wanting to come inside in the first place.

With a mouse-free garage in mind – here is a look at how to do all three with ease!

#1 Sealing Your Garage Off From Mice – How To Keep Mice Out Of A Garage!

Most mice gain entry into a garage space usually in one of four ways – an open door, an open window, gaps and cracks between walls and the floor – and through small openings around water, electrical and plumbing pipes that come into the garage.

Open doors and windows are the easiest of all to control. As soon as the weather begins to cool in the fall, garage doors need to be kept shut. As do any access doors leading in from the outside to the garage.

But beyond that, many mice sneak in from bad seals around doors. Especially the bottom of garage doors. The lower seals of doors are by far the biggest issue when allowing mice inside. Check your door when it is shut against the floor to make sure it seals the area all the way across the door. Quite often, these seals wear over time and go bad.

garage seals
The seal at the bottom of a garage door can be an easy entry point for mice.

Replacing or adjusting these seals is one of the best things you can do to keep mice out. A mouse can squeeze through the slightest gap. There are plenty of easy-install, universal kits available to make quick work of the task. Product Affiliate Link: Universal Garage Door Threshold Seal Strip.

In addition, check the seals and trim around doors and windows. If cracks exist, caulk them shut. Not only will it keep mice out – it will help on your winter heating bills too!

Checking Wall Seals & Utility Openings – How To Keep Mice Out Of A Garage!

Another easy entry point for mice is between the bottom wall plate and the foundation. Go around the entire garage perimeter and again caulk any openings to seal them off.

Finally, and this is one place where mice usually sneak by – check the openings around where electrical or plumbing lines come into your garage space. These holes often have gaps all around them, making it easy for mice to enter at will.

For large openings use an expandable foam to seal off. For small gaps, silicone caulk will usually do the trick. But whatever you do – closing off these entry points is the first key to success!

#2 Eliminating Food & Nesting Sources – How To Keep Mice Out Of A Garage!

Now that you have your garage sealed off, it’s time to eliminate easy food and nesting sources. After all, if they can’t eat or build a home – they won’t want to come inside in the first place.

As for nesting materials – mice love fabric, cardboard and paper. In general, do not keep any of these out in the open in a garage. Use tight closing plastic totes instead of cardboard boxes for storage. Keep newspapers, paper cups and other paper products out of the garage or sealed in plastic containers.

Blankets, towels and rags should also be stored in plastic totes. They all make incredibly comfortable mouse bedding. And if you have outdoor furniture cushions, be aware that storing them in a garage can make a great home for mice – and have you replacing them next spring!

Finally, be sure to seal off any food sources like cat food, dog food and rabbit food. Again, plastic sealable totes are the way to go. Last but not least – grass seed is also a big source for mice – so seal it off as well if it’s in your garage!

#3 Keeping Mice Out With A Strong Repellent – How To Keep Mice Out Of A Garage!

Last but not least, now it’s time to protect those vulnerable entry points and equipment with a mouse repellent. And for that, it’s hard to beat the power of peppermint and cinnamon oil sprays and repellent pouches.

Repellent sprays use the strong scent of peppermint and cinnamon to repel mice and other rodents. They are great for spraying around entry points and seals where mice try to sneak through.

Mice absolutely hate the smell of both – and there are some incredibly strong products that are 100% natural and will keep mice from entering and damaging your property.

Use the pouches to place inside engine compartments, golf bags, grills and other areas mice like to congregate. And use the spray to spray down all of the seals and entry points. Believe it or not, these products work like a charm to keep mice away for good!

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Best of all, peppermint and cinnamon also help to repel a long list of other insects and pests – from beetles, stink bugs and Asian beetles, to spiders and more! See: How To Stop Spiders

If using pure essential oil of peppermint, know that it can pose an issue for cats and dogs if ingested. It is important to use in your garage with pets in mind and keep them clear when sprying. Here is to sealing off your garage from mice, eliminating their food and nesting sources – and using the power of mint and cinnamon to keep them from ever wanting to come inside!

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