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Hanging Basket Care

Have the best hanging baskets on the block! Want to know what the best plants for hanging baskets are? Or the best soil to grow them in? We have you covered below with all of our best articles on hanging basket care!

how to deadhead petunias
One of the easiest and best ways to keep your petunias healthy, bright and blooming bigger than ever is to
trailing plants for pots
Looking for some of the best trailing plants to plant in your hanging baskets and containers this year? Planting your
best hanging basket plant choice - Calibrachoa
If you are looking for the best hanging basket plant to light up your landscape with big blooms that last
fuchsia plants - best hanging basket plants for shade
Looking for the best hanging basket plants this year to grow in the shade to finally bring some big flower
keep hanging baskets flowering
Is it really possible to keep your hanging baskets healthy, green and blooming big and beautiful all summer long? Believe
start hanging baskets from seed
One of the best ways to save big on your gardening budget is to start and grow your own hanging
keep ferns alive indoors
Looking for a few winter fern care tips to keep last year's outdoor ferns alive and well indoors this winter?
how to divide ferns
Autumn is fast approaching and that means it's time to cut back and divide your overgrown ferns to save them
overgrown hanging baskets
Looking for a way to bring your struggling or overgrown hanging baskets back to life? With hanging baskets costing as
keep wave petunias blooming
When it comes to keeping amazing beauty and interest in your landscape, it's hard to beat the incredible sight of