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Trees, Shrubs & Bushes

Nothing brings a landscape to life more than beautiful trees, shrubs and bushes. Here are all of our how-to articles on planting and maintaining these lasting beauties in the landscape:

how to grow holly
One of the best ways to add lasting winter color to your landscape is by planting and growing the American
preparing rhododendrons for winter
Today's article is about how to prepare your rhododendrons for winter. Although rhododendrons tend to be quite hardy, a little
how to plant dogwoods
When it comes to planting and maintaining dogwood trees in your landscape, a few key tips can go a long
what to do with peony bushes after they bloom
Did you know that how you care for your peony bushes after they bloom can make a big difference in
melt snow and ice safely
Is it really possible to melt snow and ice safely from sidewalks and driveways without harming perennials, shrubs, trees, lawns
how to plant and grow boxwoods
Planting and growing boxwood shrubs in your landscape is an excellent way to add year round foliage and interest to
growing burning bushes
Although growing burning bushes can add big spring, summer and fall color to your landscape, there are a few downsides
growing dawrf Japanese Maple Trees
Nothing adds a little pizazz to a landscape like a beautiful dwarf Japanese maple tree. The tree's compact growth, combined
watering young trees
How and when you water newly planted trees plays a huge role in not only a tree's survival, but its
trees to never plant
Today's This Is My Garden article takes a look a close look at 3 tree varieties, that although still quite