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Trees, Shrubs & Bushes

Nothing brings a landscape to life more than beautiful trees, shrubs and bushes. Here are all of our how-to articles on planting and maintaining these lasting beauties in the landscape:

when and how to fertilize blueberry bushes
Looking for the best way to fertilize your blueberry bushes for healthier plants and a bigger harvest? One of the
peonies to bloom
Looking for a few tips, tricks and secrets to get your peonies to bloom big, bright and flower beautiful every
get azaleas to bloom big
Looking for a few tricks and tips to get your azaleas to bloom bigger, brighter and longer than ever? One
best Christmas tree variety
Looking to select the best cut Christmas tree variety to decorate your home this year? Finding the perfect tree for
protect plants from deer
Looking for a few effective methods to prevent deer from damaging your plants, shrubs, bushes and trees through the long
late summer hydrnagea care
How you care for your hydrangea bushes in late summer and fall can not only have a big impact on
how to grow lilac bushes to bloom
Are you looking to get your lilac bushes to bloom bigger than ever this year? Then it is time for
flowering shrubs to plant
Although annual and perennial flowers certainly add a tremendous amount of color and beauty to your yard, the inclusion of
pruning fruit trees in the winter
When it comes to pruning fruit trees, winter is the ideal time to get your trees in tip top shape. Pruning
how to grow camellias
If you happen to live in growing zones six through ten, then you know just how special it can be