5 Great Herbs To Grow That Repel Insects and Pests!

This week’s gardening tip comes to us from Belinda in San Antonio, Texas, and is all about repelling unwanted insects!

Nothing can spoil the outdoors like a mosquito

Nothing can spoil a beautiful evening outdoors like a few pesky mosquitos. The same can be said for uninvited guests like flies, gnats or ticks!

Well, thanks to Belinda’s tips today, maybe we can plant a few more herbs this year in our gardens, windowsills and patios to help repel those annoying pests!  At the end of the article, feel free to comment with your own home-grown remedies.

A little more of gardeners helping gardeners! And thanks Belinda for getting the ball rolling by letting us know about these great herb-deterring plants. We put a source link at the end of each plant as well for those looking for seeds.

5 Great Herbs To Grow To Help Repel Insects and Pests

#1 Basil

Basil is one of the easiest and best natural fly  and mosquito repellents to grow. They both really hate the stuff!


We grow some in containers on our back patio and place them as a centerpiece on our patio table. They work really well, and we have fresh herbs close by too! Basil Seed

#2 Lemon Balm

We grow lemon balm in our garden and then use it to-rub on our skin for an all natural repellent.

We just crush up the leaves in our hands and then run on our arms and legs where mosquitos and bug bites seem to always get us. I am always impressed by how well this one works, and it smells so good too.  Lemon Balm Seed

#3 Rosemary

Rosemary is great for ticks, mosquitoes, and flies. It’s super easy to dry into a small bouquet and hang in the kitchen and on the porch to help keep flies out.

You can also plant it near an outdoor patio or even in pots to help keep the pests away while you are outside. Of course, it’s also really, really good on chicken too! lol.   Rosemary Seed


#4 Lavender

Lavender helps to repel moths, mosquitos and fleas. We grow lavender in our flower beds and at the edge of our garden.

Our neighbor makes a mist by soaking it in water and uses it to spray her arms and legs. She swears it helps to keep the mosquitos away.  Lavender Seed

#5 Peppermint

Peppermint is another great repellent of insects and also wonderful to help relieve itching from bug bites. If you crush up a few leaves in your hand and put it on bites, it can help to stop the pain and itching.

We only plant our peppermint in containers because it grows like crazy and will take over. Peppermint Seed 

We want your garden tips!

Thanks Belinda for the tips! We hope you enjoyed this week’s gardening article! Be sure to leave a comment below if you have any additional plants that work well for you.

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  1. Catnip! Catnip! Catnip can help deter squash bugs. Plant catnip near any of your summer squash plants and those terrible critters can’t stand the stuff!

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