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Eliminating Fruit Flies – How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In The Kitchen

Garden season is here, and that means in addition to finding ways to use all of that fresh garden produce, everyone is also searching for the best methods for eliminating fruit flies from their kitchen!

Nothing is more annoying than a kitchen full of pesky fruit flies.

It seems that within minutes, they can find and swarm a freshly sliced vegetable or piece of fruit. And if there is an open glass of juice or wine – look out!

Left unchecked, fruit flies can multiply in mind-boggling numbers in mere days. Especially in the middle of summer, when fresh produce is more than abundant!

eliminating fruit flies
Fruit flies can find a juice or wine glass within minutes!

Not only are the adults attracted to the sweetness of the fruit and vegetables, the larva they lay actually feeds off of it.

All of which leads to all of that fresh produce going bad even faster!

But with a few simple preventative practices, and a few methods to control existing populations, it is possible to eliminate these pesky pests from your kitchen.

Eliminating Fruit Flies

It All Starts With Prevention

When it comes to eliminating fruit flies, it all begins with prevention.

Nothing attracts fruit flies like fresh fruit and vegetables. Especially over-ripe and/or damaged fruits.

eliminating fruit flies
Overly ripe and cracking fruit are easy prey for fruit flies. Always store fruit and vegetables in the refrigerator or in air-tight bags.

When fresh produce comes into the house, store it as quickly as possible in the refrigerator. Especially if it has any signs of damage, or is extremely ripe.

Those bananas on the counter that are starting to turn brown are an excellent example. When fresh, they are fine to keep out. But as soon as they begin to show the brown edges, get them off the counter!

Likewise, clearing dishes from the sink and counter immediately is a must. Dirty juice and wine glasses and food residue left on plates will attract fruit flies quickly.

Also, wipe counters clean after every use to remove any trace of liquid or food particles.

Over-ripened bananas will bring fruit flies fast!

In addition, be sure to keep all garbage and trash cans covered and out of the way. An open trash bin is easy prey for fruit flies.

Drain and Garbage Disposal Treatment

The kitchen sink drain and garbage disposal is another big source of food for fruit flies.

Fruit, vegetable and other food scrap remnants that remain behind in the drain draw fruit flies quickly.

Always flush drains and disposals with plenty of water to clear debris from the blades.

eliminating fruit flies in the kitchen sink
When it comes to eliminating fruit flies, keeping your sinks and drains clear is a must!

Ice cubes placed in the garbage disposal do a great job of cleaning and clearing scraps from the blades.

You can also use a solution of 1 to 2 tablespoons of bleach with 1 gallon of water and pour down the drain. The bleach kills both the fruit flies, and the larva.

Creating Fruit Fly Traps – How To Eliminate Fruit Flies

If your fruit fly population is excessive, you can also create a few homemade traps (see below) that will work wonders to control their numbers.

There are also several commercially available traps that can be used as well. See : 6 Pack – Fruit Fly Traps

Apple Cider Vinegar & Dish Soap

Fill a small glass or plastic container with apple cider vinegar and a few drops of liquid dish detergent.

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar and a few drops of liquid dish soap works great as a fruit fly trap.

The fruit flies are attracted to the cider vinegar, and the dish soap makes them unable to fly out.

Be sure to place the trap in a remote area of the kitchen, away from the counter and kitchen table. This helps draw them away and not closer to where you eat and cook.

Wine In A Bottle

If you happen to have a bit of old or stale wine, you can also create a trap from a wine bottle.

The fruit flies are attracted to the sweetness of the wine, and head inside the bottle and drown. The wine bottles make a nice “hidden” trap if you use a dark bottle.

Here’s to eliminating fruit flies from your kitchen and enjoying a pest-free environment!

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