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A Visit To Seattle’s Beautiful Chihuly Garden – A Garden Of Wonder!

Talk about a show of color mixing man-made art with nature – the beautiful Chihuly Garden in Seattle is a wonder to behold!

What a treat we have today with our visit to Chihuly. It is the latest in our series of Featured Gardens, where we highlight public, private and backyard gardens from all over the country.

The outdoor gardens at Chihuly are filled with natural and made made beauty.

Chihuly Garden and Glass is an exhibit located in downtown Seattle showcasing the amazing talent and studio glass artwork of Dale Chihuly.

The display opened in 2012, on the grounds of the former 1962 World’s Fair.

Sitting under the watchful eye of the soaring Space Needle, the indoor studio and outdoor garden has become quite the attraction for visitors the world over.

Beautiful Chihuly Garden
As you walk about the garden, it is amazing to see how the glass sculptures blend in with the plantings and hardscapes. You have to look closely at the picture above to realize many of the “trees” in the photo above are made of glass.

And after strolling about the grounds, it is so easy to see why!

Dale Chihuly and The Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit

Dale Chihuly was born in nearby Tacoma Washington in 1941, and was first introduced to glass while attending the University of Washington. His passion only grew from there.

No, that is not a plant soaring in the air. It is actually an incredible Chihuli glass sculpture! As you walk about the garden, it can truly be difficult to determine what is man-made, and what is growing.

He has studied glass at several institutions across the United States, including time oversees at glass factory in Venice. And with each new experience, his talents continued to progress.

His passion for the art of glass blowing, along with his incredible artistic ability is easy to see. And they have resulted in his work being commissioned and displayed the world over.

The garden is filled with displays in every shape and color. The garden backs up to an Air Stream camper, which has been converted into an educational glass blowing exhibit showcasing the art.

In fact, to date, he has more than 200 museum collections spanning the globe!

The Beautiful Chihuly Garden

Although the exhibit in Seattle includes an amazing display of Chihuly’s work indoors, it is his outdoor garden that is a sight to behold for anyone who considers themselves to be a garden enthusiast.

The plants and glass in the garden are in perfect harmony.

It is an artful, delicate, and yet powerful display. The combination of the texture, color and foliage of living plants is in perfect harmony with the glass.

The garden area is centered around four colossal sculptures. As you walk about the tree-lined paths, perennials and annuals fill the spaces with simple beauty. But mixed in, and almost undetectable, are “blooms” of glass.

In fact, it’s almost becomes impossible to tell what it growing, and what is man-made!

beautiful chihuly garden
With autumn in the air, the garden mixes beautiful displays of fall annuals with the incredible glass artwork. These flowering kale plants were a sight to behold all by themselves. And when you add in the glass sculptures, it simply breathtaking.

But perhaps most beautiful of all is Chihuly’s The Sun sculpture.

With radiant orange and yellow tubes of glass that explode with color, it is majestic to behold. Especially on bright, sunny days, when nature’s own version dances it’s rays off of the sculpture.

Chihuly’s The Sun. Hard to believe it is made from glass!

One thing is for sure, a trip to the beautiful Chihuly Garden and exhibit in Seattle is worth the price of admission!

Check out more on their facebook page Chihuly Garden and Glass

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