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3 Easy Care House Plants Perfect For Growing In Any Home!

Growing plants indoors doesn’t have to be difficult, especially when you select easy care house plants that even the “brownest” of green thumbs can keep alive and thriving.

Indoor plants are far more than just something pretty to look at.

For starters, they help to clean and purify the air. Just like outdoor plants, plants inside the home convert carbon dioxide into new oxygen.

easy care house plants
Having plants indoors can help to improve air quality, and maybe even improve immunity to viruses as well. And of course, add a lot of greenery as well!

Houseplants are also thought to help to reduce the transfer of airborne flu and cold viruses.

How so? Plants create higher humidity in the surrounding air. And that higher humidity is thought to make it more difficult for viruses to travel and spread.

And just one more reason to have a few easy care house plants in your home this year!

3 Easy Care House Plants Perfect For Any Home

Snake Plant

Perhaps the most tolerant and forgiving house plant of all, the snake plant is perfect for those who struggle keeping plants alive.

They are able to survive long periods without water or care. And to boot, have almost zero issues with pests.

The Snake plant
The Snake plant may just be the easiest and most forgiving house plant of all.

Making them even more attractive, especially in the winter, Snake plants survive in little natural light.

Known officially as Sansevieria, The Snake plant is well known in helping to remove toxins from the air. Affiliate Link : Snake Plant

Asparagus Fern Plant

The Asparagus fern is by far the showiest of the three easy care house plants highlighted today.

This bushy plant, however, is not a true fern. It is instead a member of the lily family, with roots to South Africa.

Asparagus ferns are great as a potted plant, or in a hanging basket if desired. Their foliage is quite stunning, and adds a lot to interior spaces.

Easy care asparagus fern house plant
The Asparagus Fern house plant. With its airy, wispy nature, it can brighten up any room.

The Asparagus fern grows well in low light conditions, although it can adapt to brighter areas of the house as well.

In addition, this easy care house plant can handle a large temperature range, growing well indoors anywhere from the mid 50’s to mid 70’s.

One note on the Asparagus fern plant, it is toxic to both humans and pets if ingested. Affiliate Product Link : Asparagus Fern Plant

Cast Iron Plant

Cast Iron plants are one of the toughest, most indestructible house plants of all. In fact, it is how they earned the name Cast Iron!

Known officially as Aspidistra, they are not only an easy care house plant, but in all honestly, hard to actually kill!

Cast Iron House Plant
Cast Iron plants can go for long periods without water.

Like the Asparagus fern, Cast Iron plants are part of the lily family. They grow well indoors, requiring very light to survive. They also can handle long stretches without water with ease.

In fact, when it comes to long term care, they suffer more from too much watering than not enough Affiliate Product Link : Cast Iron Houseplant

Here is to growing a few easy care house plants in your home this year! Be sure to check out more great indoor plants in our House Plants category.

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