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Growing Perennials In Pots – 3 Great Choices For Lasting Summer Color!

Growing perennials in pots and containers is an excellent way to add instant color and foliage to patios, porches and decks. And even better, it can be done for free using plants already in your landscape!

Although annual flowers create a stunning display of color, their lifespan is short. And unfortunately, very costly.

potted hosta perennial
A simple potted hosta adds big color to porches and patios without big expense.

But that is exactly where perennials come to the rescue. Mixing in potted perennials alone or along with annual container plantings can really stretch your gardening budget. (See: Using Perennials As Potted Plants)

And best of all, at the end of the growing season, they can be planted back into the landscape to be used again next year! With that in mind, here are 3 perennial plants that work perfect for container planting.

3 Great Perennials To Grow In Pots

Hosta Plants

Hosta plants not only survive in containers, they thrive in them! Especially in areas shaded from the sun.

With their oversized flowing foliage, hostas are perfect for brightening up covered porches and patios – or any shady location. And with so many leaf styles, color hues and variegated patterns, they can make quite a statement.

Hosta Plants - Container
A young potted hosta plant begins to unfurl its foliage.

Making them even more attractive, they are extremely low-maintenance. Not only do they require less watering than annual pots and baskets, they are seldom affected by pests when potted up.

To use, simply dig up plants in the early spring, pot up, and watch them fill out. When fall comes around, plant back in the soil to enjoy again next year.

Coral Bells

Coral bells not only grow well as a potted perennial, they do so almost anywhere you place them. From heavily shades areas, to locations that receive full sun.

Although coral bells prefer partial shade, they will survive well in nearly all lighting conditions. And much like hostas, they are extremely low maintenance.

coral bells
Coral bells add vibrant color to containers. Their tall, wispy blooms also are a big attraction to hummingbirds.

The compact growing style and geranium-style foliage make them a perfect perennial choice for pots. And with foliage colors ranging from green, to dark purple, red and even salmon, there is variety to match nearly every space.

Hardy from zones four through nine, simply transplant back into the ground each fall to use again and again. (Product Link : Blondie Coral Bells)


Liriope is another hardy perennial that grows brilliantly in pots, no matter where you place it. Also known as lily turf, it grows well in both shady and full-sun locations.

Its lush, compact blades fill pots with thick growth, making it the perfect choice for companion planting alongside annuals or other perennials. As late summer rolls around, the foliage is complimented with small but showy blooms.

liriope in pots
Liriope is a low-maintenance perennial that performs well in containers.

And is it ever a low-maintenance perennial! Liriope is extremely drought resistant, and can survive long periods without water. It is also rarely, if ever bothered by pests.

So make this the year you grow a few perennials in pots and containers. Not only will it add more color and texture to your container plants, it can save even more of your hard-earned cash!

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