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How To Stop Asian Lady Beetles From Getting Inside Your Home!

Looking for a few tried and true methods to stop those pesky Asian lady beetles from getting inside your home this fall? You know, the ones that are often confused with the much more helpful ladybug.

As the leaves start to turn and temperatures begin to dip in mid-Autumn, Asian lady beetles seemingly appear out of nowhere. And when they do, it feels as though their sole purpose is in finding a way to get inside your living space!

Often confused with native ladybugs, Asian lady beetles are quite different when it comes to their behavior. Although they look quite similar to one another and both enjoy dining on mites, aphids and other potential garden pests, Asian lady beetles have a much more sinister side.

Asian lady beetles - stop
Asian lady beetles like to congregate in large numbers. Once they find a way indoors, they will quickly gather together in windowsills, attics and any cracks or crevices where they can hide together.

Asian lady beetles will actually bite when they feel threatened. The biting is actually more of a scraping action across your skin, but it certainly isn’t a friendly one. And when they do bite, they also emit a foul smelling odor to boot.

Perhaps the biggest difference of all when it comes to Asian lady beetles vs. native ladybugs is in their overwintering habit. Native ladybugs overwinter outdoors in trees, plants and bushes. But Asian lady beetles prefer warmth for overwintering.

Because of that, they look to head inside and huddle together as winter approaches. And that is why Autumn is the time that everyone seems to find them crawling and flying everywhere into their home!

A Growing Population – How To Stop Asian Lady Beetles From Getting Inside Your Home

One thing is for sure, the Asian lady beetle population is not slowing down or going away. And with each passing year, they continue to spread into more and more regions across the country. With no real predators to keep them in check, they have free reign when it comes to expansion.

Birds will rarely if ever try to consume them. With their brightly colored shell, they assume Asian lady beetles are inedible. Even more, the insect is extremely adept at “playing dead” – meaning most would-be predators simply leave them alone as they prefer only live sources of food.

Although some insecticides can work to help control Asian beetles outdoors, those same insecticides also kill off a massive array of beneficial insects as well. And of course, who wants to spray insecticides indoors in the fall and winter with everything closed up.

stop Asian lady beetles
Asian lady beetles will huddle together in windowsills, attic crawl spaces and more. And once they find a location, they can emit an odor to attract even more.

Even worse, it has been found that if Asian lady beetles are sprayed and killed inside the attic or walls of a home, it can bring on an invasion of carpet beetles looking to feed on the dead beetles. The joy never ends!

The good news is there are several natural and quite effective methods to keep Asian lady beetles from getting inside your home in the fall. As you will see below, the real key to success is getting your defenses up early, before the beetles start trying to head in!

How To Stop Asian Lady Beetles From Getting Inside

There are factors that can make your home more attractive to a lady beetle invasion. If you happen to live near a wooded area or have dense foliage around or near your home, you will be more likely to experience higher numbers of beetles.

They also seem to be attracted to light or white sources. So if you happen to have light colored siding and lots of windows, you will see more than your fair share of the pest as well. But no matter where you live, prevention truly is the key to success!

#1 Prevention – How To Stop Asian Beetles From Getting Inside Your Home

As with almost any home pest, prevention is the absolute best first line of defense. When dealing with Asian lady beetles, that means sealing off any and all small cracks, holes or entry points.

A huge entry point for Asian lady beetles in under the eaves, overhangs and roof lines of houses and garages. These areas can often rot out or have gaps in trim that allow thousands of beetles to easily find their way into attics, crawl spaces and more. And once in, they will continue their journey deeper into your home.

Also check the trim around all exterior windows and doors. Caulking these areas on a regular basis can eliminate much of the problem. Check any and all screens to make sure they are free of holes or rips. Also be sure they fit and close tightly. Screen tape works great in these areas to seal off screen tears quickly! Product Link: Screen Tape

broken vents
Broken vents can leave gaping holes where all kinds of pests can enter your house.

Finally, check dryer vents, stove vents and any house vents around your home to make sure they are secure. All of these vents should have small mesh screening in them to prevent an easy path indoors. Asian lady beetles can fit through the tiniest of cracks, so keeping these tight and secure it critical.

And if you do happen to see a few Asian lady beetles inside? Vac them up as quickly as you can! Asian lady beetles, much like stink bugs, will emit an odor letting others know where they are. And the problem will only multiply faster! See: How To Keep Stink Bugs Out!

Citrus Oil – How To Stop Asian Lady Beetles From Getting Inside Your Home

In addition to sealing off entry points, there are several methods and scents that can help repel or even confuse the beetles from taking up residence.

Because Asian beetles emit a scent for other beetles to follow, eliminating that smell from your home can keep others from journeying inside to join their mates. And one of the best ways to eliminate a beetle’s scent happens to be with the scent of citrus oil.

Not only do Asian beetles not like the smell of citrus, the scent also blocks their own smell from other beetles. Spray doorways, windows and entry points as an effective deterrent, and also to keep any beetles present from attracting others! As always, test any spray on a small area to make sure it will not harm a surface before using. Product link : 100 Citrus Oil Spray

The Power Of Mums! – How To Stop Asian Lady Beetles From Getting Inside Your Home

Did you know that Asian beetles are not fond of the smell of mums either? Chrysanthemums emit a strong scent that keep beetles far away. They can be great for growing strategically around your home to help keep them out!

Citrus Oil - Pest Control
Citrus oil is one of the best natural weapons against Asian lady beetles. Not only do they not like the scent, the smell also blocks their scent from attracting more.

Keep potted plants near entry doors for added protection. And, if you happen to have a sunny facing wall of your home that attracts lots of beetles during the day, fill the flowerbeds on that side with mums.

Not only will it beautify your home, it can keep the beetles from congregating on your outside walls while they look for a way in! Here is to keeping Asian beetles out of your home this fall. And even more, to enjoying a pest-free home all winter long!

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