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Everything you need to know about fertilizing – all in one page! From making your own organic compost tea, to using worm castings, compost and more – here are all of our best articles on using fertilizers effectively in your gardens, flowerbeds and landscapes.

fertilize tomato plants with compost
When it comes to growing healthy, productive and delicious tomatoes in your garden naturally, there is no better way to
how to fertilize hydrangeas - and when
Knowing when and how to fertilize your hydrangeas can certainly make a huge difference in both the quality of their
best animal manure to use
When it comes to bringing life to your soil, plants, compost pile and garden, manure is certainly a great option
5 essentail garden supplies
When it comes to being ready to plant, grow & maintain your garden or flowerbeds this year, there are four
houseplants and coffee grounds
Did you know that one of the best ways to perk up and provide a little nutrition for your indoor
how to save coffee grounds in the winter
Saving your coffee grounds through the winter months is one of the best ways to make sure to have plenty
how to use worm castings
When you use worm castings on annuals, vegetables, potted plants, hanging baskets and perennials - good things happen! Worm castings
how to fertilize sweet corn
If you grow sweet corn, you might be surprised at just how much of a difference a dose or two
organic fertilizers
When it comes to powering plants naturally, organic fertilizers are the perfect choice for boosting vegetable plants and flowers. But
epsom salt on plants
So what is the real scoop when it comes to using Epsom Salt on plants? Does it truly help plants