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Everything you need to know about fertilizing – all in one page! From making your own organic compost tea, to using worm castings, compost and more – here are all of our best articles on using fertilizers effectively in your gardens, flowerbeds and landscapes.

when and how to fertilize strawberries
When and how you fertilize your strawberry plants can play a critical role in just how healthy your plants grow,
green manure crops - how to plant
One of the best ways to re-energize and recharge your garden soil this spring is to plant a green manure
egg shells in the garden
You might be amazed at just how many ways there are to use egg shells in your garden. And even
use wood ash in the garden
Wondering if you can use the wood ashes from your fireplace, wood stove or fire pit to help power your
save and store egg shells safely
Looking for a simple, easy and safe way to save and store egg shells this winter to use in your
how to fertilize marigolds
When it comes to getting your marigolds to bloom bigger and brighter than ever - there is no better way
how to fertilize perennial plants
One of the best ways to power up your perennial plants for better growth and bigger blooms is by giving
understanding fertilizers - npk
One of the more confusing topics for gardeners is trying to understand just exactly what the N-P-K ratio on the
best fertilize pepper plants
If you are looking to grow a bumper crop of delicious peppers this year, then knowing how and when to
how to use perlite
So just how can you use all-natural perlite to create better soil and grow better plants? Actually, in a whole