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Growing Tomatoes

From how to plant, to fertilizing, pruning and staking – see all of our best tomato advice below!

best tomato plants to grow
Looking for some of the best cherry tomato plants to grow this year? Cherry tomato plants are one of the
tomato plants when they die
Believe it or not, what you do with your tomato plants this fall when they die off can play a
how to freeze tomatoes
If you’re looking for an efficient and easy way to preserve your tomatoes, it's hard to beet freezing your tomato
how to tie up tomatoes
When it comes to growing great tomatoes, how, when, and what you use to tie up your tomato plants can
how to prune tomato plants
When and how you prune your tomato plants can make a huge difference in your plant's health, vitality, and overall
growing vegetables in containers
You might just be surprised how easy it can be to grow an entire vegetable garden in containers - no
stop blossom end rot
For a gardener, there is nothing more discouraging than being unable to stop the loss of tomato after tomato to
companion planting in tomatoes
When it comes to growing healthy, productive, pest-free tomato plants, there are a few companion plants that can really help
unique tomatoes - heirlooms
Looking for a few unique tomato plants to grow this year to add a little flair and bold flavor to
tomato plants dying
"Why are my tomato plants turning brown and dying off?" That question seems to be a popular one among gardeners