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How To Stop Ants Naturally – 3 Great Methods For Outdoor Control!

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Looking for a natural way for stop ants in your landscape and garden? Ants can cause all sorts of issues throughout the landscape. In addition, ant colonies that thrive in the yard can easily make their way indoors. And that is where they can really wreak havoc. Although there are many commercial insecticides available to…
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How To Control Aphids – 4 Simple Methods To Battle Aphids Naturally

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Looking for a way to control aphids without spraying harsh chemicals? You might be surprised just how effective natural and organic methods can work when battling aphids. And at little to no cost! Aphids cause major damage to vegetable gardens, flower beds, and perennial plants. And in quick fashion. Of the thousands of aphid types,…
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4 Beneficial Insects To Attract And Keep In The Garden

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It is amazing what a few beneficial insects and critters can do for the health of a garden! [caption id="attachment_1963" align="alignright" width="300"] The lady bug has a big appetite for aphids, mites,and even fleas[/caption] When gardeners start talking insects, it’s usually not a good thing. Thoughts instantly turn to crop-killing invasions by slugs, or attacks…
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Battling Slugs – How I Control Slugs From Destroying My Garden

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How do I control slugs? It is a question so many gardeners ask year after year. Slugs can cause some serious damage to home gardens and flowerbeds. For starters, they can wipe out an entire row of young seedlings in a single night. They also can chew holes in everything from hosta, to tulips, greens,…
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5 Great Herbs To Grow That Repel Insects and Pests!

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This week's gardening tip comes to us from Belinda in San Antonio, Texas, and is all about repelling unwanted insects! [caption id="attachment_1235" align="alignright" width="399"] Nothing can spoil the outdoors like a mosquito[/caption] Nothing can spoil a beautiful evening outdoors like a few pesky mosquitos. The same can be said for uninvited guests like flies, gnats or…
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