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Pest Control Tips

Whether it be insects or animals, pests can cause big headaches in the garden. Check out our latest articles below on how to handle pests in your backyard!

how to get rid of slugs
Looking for a way to rid your garden and flowerbeds of slugs this year and stop them from damaging your
protect plants from deer
Looking for a few effective methods to prevent deer from damaging your plants, shrubs, bushes and trees through the long
keep ants out naturally
Looking for a safe and effective way to keep ants out of your kitchen and house naturally - and keep
stop asian beetles
Looking for a few tried and true methods to stop those pesky Asian lady beetles from getting inside your home
how to stop mice
Looking for a few simple ways to stop mice from getting inside your home, barn, shed, parked cars, tractor and
how to stop sweat bees
Looking for a way to repel sweat bees and stop them from ruining your time outdoors? As late summer arrives,
how to keep mosquitoes out
Is it really possible to keep mosquitoes out of your yard without spraying all kinds of chemicals and harsh sprays
how to stop ground moles
Looking for a few effective methods to get rid of ground moles and keep them from destroying your lawn, flowerbeds
get rid of earwigs
Are you looking for a few natural and effective methods to get rid of earwigs from your home, garden &
controlling Japanese Beetles
Looking for a few great ways to stop Japanese Beetles in their tracks - and protect your plants, shrubs and