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Pest Control Tips

Whether it be insects or animals, pests can cause big headaches in the garden. Check out our latest articles below on how to handle pests in your backyard!

how to stop aphids
Looking for a way to stop aphids from destroying your flower and vegetable plants without spraying harsh chemicals? Aphids cause
hot pepper spray
If you are looking for an all-natural method for deterring rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and a whole host of other pests
keep ticks away
Warm weather is here, and that means millions of outdoor enthusiasts are searching for the best way to keep ticks
how to stop cabbage worms
When it comes to preventing damage from pests in the garden, stopping cabbage worms is usually near the top of
controlling ants
Is it really possible to control ants on and around plants without resorting to harsh chemicals and sprays? You bet
how to stop tomato hornworms
As summer arrives and your garden plants begins to grow, it's time to start thinking about tomato hornworms, and more
how to control webworms
When it comes to controlling webworms from damaging the foliage on your trees and shrubs, it all about early detection
how to stop grasshoppers
So just how can you stop grasshoppers from devouring your vegetable plants, flowers and perennials? An invasion of grasshoppers can
get rid of fruit flies
Garden season is here, and that means in addition to finding ways to use all of that fresh garden produce,
benefits of growing marigolds
When it comes to adding an explosion of color to the landscape, its hard to beat growing marigolds. From giant