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Pest Control Tips

Whether it be insects or animals, pests can cause big headaches in the garden. Check out our latest articles below on how to handle pests in your backyard!

get rid of earwigs
Are you looking for a few natural and effective methods to get rid of earwigs from your home, garden &
controlling Japanese Beetles
Looking for a few great ways to stop Japanese Beetles in their tracks - and protect your plants, shrubs and
how to attract beneficial insects
Not all bugs are bad to have in your yard - in fact, it can actually be quite beneficial to
how to use cinnamon on plants
Did you know that cinnamon can help keep the soil and plants in your flowerbeds and vegetable gardens healthy? Not
how to attract ladybugs
There is no better way to control pest problems naturally in your garden, flowerbeds and landscape than by attracting ladybugs
best marigolds to grow
Did you know planting and growing marigolds can help to repel all types of insects and pests - all while
how to keep cats out of the garden
Looking for a few tips and tricks to keep cats out of your garden and flowerbeds? When it comes to
how to keep spiders away
Autumn is here, and the race is on to find the best ways to keep spiders out of homes, apartments,
keep stink bugs out
Fall has arrived, and now is the time to take action when it comes to keeping stink bugs out of
protect tulip bulbs from squirrels
If you happen to live in an area where chipmunks and squirrels call home - you probably know just how