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Pest Control Tips

Whether it be insects or animals, pests can cause big headaches in the garden. Check out our latest articles below on how to handle pests in your backyard!

how to repel sweat bees
Late summer is here, and that means everyone is looking for a way to repel sweat bees. You know, those
how to stop squash bugs
Trying to get rid of the dreaded squash bugs from your garden can seem like a daunting task. Especially once
how to stop grasshoppers
So just how can you stop grasshoppers from devouring your vegetable plants, flowers and perennials? An invasion of grasshoppers can
get rid of fruit flies
Garden season is here, and that means in addition to finding ways to use all of that fresh garden produce,
stop japanese beetles
Without a way to stop Japanese beetles, they can quickly decimate an entire landscape in just a few days. Japanese
eliminate mosquitoes
"What can I do to help eliminate mosquitoes naturally from ruining my evening outdoor activities at my house?" That recent
benefits of growing marigolds
When it comes to adding an explosion of color to the landscape, its hard to beat growing marigolds. From giant
beneficial insects
It is amazing what a few beneficial insects and critters can do for the health of a garden! When gardeners