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Everything you need to know about fertilizing – all in one page! From making your own organic compost tea, to using worm castings, compost and more – here are all of our best articles on using fertilizers effectively in your gardens, flowerbeds and landscapes.

pink, white, and fuchsia impatiens.
Wondering how to fertilize your impatiens this summer to get them to bloom bigger and brighter than ever? Impatiens have
jump start young tomato plants
Looking to give your newly planted tomato plants a big jump start to get them off and growing fast? Whether
Properly fertilizing potato plants results in good harvests
One of the biggest secrets of all to grow a large, healthy potato crop with loads of foliage and plenty
A large rose bush with dark pink roses blooming
If you want to grow healthier, bigger, brighter roses that produce loads of blooms longer than ever, then it's vital
fertilize hostas in spring
Did you know that early spring is the perfect time to fertilize your hostas to power them up and get
how to use animal manure in a garden
One of the easiest and least expensive ways to recharge and power up the soil in your garden is to
fireplace ashes on tomato plants
Did you know that by simply saving back some of the ashes coming from your fireplace or wood stove this
save coffee grounds winter
Looking for a few simple and easy ways to save your old coffee grounds this winter to use in your
coffee grounds for houseplant fertilizer
Although most gardeners have heard about the amazing benefits of using spent coffee grounds to power annual flowers and vegetable
A bright yellow hibiscus bloom on potted plant.
Looking for a few tips and tricks to keep your hibiscus plants alive and thriving indoors this winter? Hibiscus is