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Everything you need to know about fertilizing – all in one page! From making your own organic compost tea, to using worm castings, compost and more – here are all of our best articles on using fertilizers effectively in your gardens, flowerbeds and landscapes.

how to fertilize geraniums
Want to know how to fertilize your geraniums to keep them flowering big and strong all summer long? Geraniums are
make homemade compost tea
There is no better way to power your vegetable plants and flowers naturally than to make and use your own
fertilizing petunias
Whether you grow petunias in hanging baskets, containers, or directly in your flowerbeds - to get your plants blooming big
how to fertilize tomato plants in pots
Looking for the best way to fertilize the tomato plants you have growing in pots, containers, grow bags or 5
fertilizing flowers in pots
Looking for how to best fertilize your potted flowers for blooms that are not only big and beautiful - but
best way to fertilize cucumber plants
What is the best way to fertilize young cucumber plants to get them growing strong early? And, how can you
when and how to fertilize blueberry bushes
Looking for the best way to fertilize your blueberry bushes for healthier plants and a bigger harvest? One of the
fertilizing tomatoes
When it comes to getting young tomato plants off to a fast start early in the season, nothing can be
how to use chicken manure in a garden
One of the best ways to power the soil and plants in your vegetable garden is by using chicken manure.
compost bin
You might be surprised just how easy it can be to build your very own two bin compost system -